Yohyo Tsuruyasennen (与兵 Yohyō?) is the latest generation of a family of millionaire hot spring owners. Unfortunately, a large boulder has sealed off the source of the springs and Yohyo has become bankrupt because of it, but this doesn't stop him from appearing to continue to live an extravagant lifestyle in order to attract his "Stomperella" who stood on his head while he was searching for a hot spring to call his own as per his family's tradition.

The "Yo" in Yohyo means "society," which is indicates that Yohyo is rich. "Tsuru" means "Crane or Heron" which is one of the reasons the island is called "Heron Island".[1]


Manga BiographyEdit


Yohyo-Ranma history

Yohyo explains how he got the footprint on the back of his head.

Yohyo is the latest in a long line of generations of the millionaire Tsuruyasennen family, who made their money from hot springs. As per the family tradition, Yohyo set out to find a hot spring to claim himself, but when he sat down to have a break and enjoy his (rather extravagant) picnic, Ranma appeared in his female form, stepped on Yohyo's head and ate all the food before running off, seemingly oblivious to Yohyo. As Ranma fled, Yohyo looked up and only saw a girl with a pigtail. He then fell in love with the girl and desperately began searching for her by inviting women with pigtails to Heron Island in the hope of finding his "Stomperella".

Unfortunately a large boulder ends up blocking the source of Yohyo's hot spring and due to the lack of income from it becomes on the verge of bankruptcy. Worried that his lack of wealth wound deter his love, Yohyo attempts to maintain a luxurious lifestyle by using Candles instead of electricity for lighting etc.

Heron IslandEdit

Yohyo's request - Stomperella

Yohyo asks Ranma to put her foot on the back of his head, much to her disgust.

After being knocked off a cliff whilst training with Genma, Ranma washes up on the shore of Heron Island, where she's taken to Yohyo's mansion until she regains consciousness. When Ranma does awake, Yohyo quickly enters and asks her to step on the back of her head as hard as she can. Unfortunately Ranma believes this is some sort of sexual kink and preceeds to beat up Yohyo. However, Yohyo continues to ask Ranma to put her foot on his head. He eventually explains about how he's been plagued for years with the image of the women who stood on the back of his head and captured his heart.

Yohyo continues his begging for Ranma to step on his head to prove he's the girl of his dreams, but when Yohyo turns around he's shocked to see that Ranma's disappeared.

That evening, Yohyo puts on a lavish party for all the women who he's invited to Heron Island in the hope of one of them being Stomperella. As Yohyo despairs at how not a single woman is the one who stood on his head, his butler notices Ranma is by the now-empty buffet table and takes her over to Yohyo in order to check in her footprint matches. While Ranma stands still and thinks of this as repayment for eating all of the food, Yohyo declares that Ranma's foot is the one of the woman who stood on him years before. Ranma, however, still doesn't recognise Yohyo, but this doesn't stop Yohyo knocking Ranma unconscious and taking her to the room where the hot spring is located where he begins to try and break the boulder blocking the spring's source.

Yohyo overjoyed - Stomperella

Yohyo is overjoyed to have finally found his "Stomperella".

Yohyo desperately tries to break the boulder, but to no avail. The small pieces which do break off end up waking Ranma, who looks on as the Pickaxe Yohyo is using breaks in have and hits Yohyo on the head.

Sometime passes and Yohyo is taken to a room to recover. As Ranma and Yohyo's butler stand by his bedside, Ranma begins trying to make Yohyo realise that she's never met him before, but after Yohyo explains about how he got the footprint on the back of his head, Ranma remembers that that was her after all. Yohyo then proceeds to celebrate his Stomperella's return by singing karaoke and dancing all night long. Ranma, however, asks where she can refresh herself with a hot-water bath. Yohyo reveals that there isn't any hot water on the island.

As Yohyo sings, Ranma notices how Yohyo has the latest karaoke technology, but lights the rooms with dozens of candles instead of light bulbs. Ranma then sneaks off, and when Yohyo realises she's gone he and his butler decide they must find her before she discovers their secret. By the time Yohyo finds Ranma, she's already discovered his real room which is in a very squalor condition. Yohyo explains about his family's finical trouble and reveals that by tomorrow Heron Island will belong to someone else.

Ranma leaves Yohyo forever

Ranma leaves Yohyo and the two never see each other again...

Suddenly the roof collapses, but Yohyo shields Ranma from the falling debris. Touched by Yohyo's actions, Ranma agrees to help break the problematic rock which is blocking the source of the hot spring. Before she does so, however, Ranma instructs the pair to leave and not to dare peek inside at her. Unfortunately Yohyo's curiosity gets the better of him and he looks in as Ranma breaks the rock and is sprayed by the hot spring water, thus turning Ranma back into his male form.

Slightly saddened, Ranma explains how he had planned to sneak away after fixing the spring. He continues by telling Yohyo that he was the girl he saw earlier and stepped on his head and hopes that now he's seen who he really is that he can understand. Ranma then leaves Yohyo and his butler and they never see each other again...


Yohyo protects Ranma

Yohyo protecting Ranma from the falling roof.

Yohyo isn't shown to have any abilities that an ordinary human wouldn't posses. However, he is able is wield a Pickaxe to some degree of effectiveness and appears to be rather muscular. He also seems to have a rather resilient physique as shown when he protected Ranma from the collapsing roof along with how he had a Pickaxe hit him on the forehead and fully recover after an unknown period of bed rest.



  • In Viz's translation, Yohyo address his butler as "Jeeves". In the original Japanese it was simply "Jiiya" which means "old man".
  • The women who line up to put their foot on Yohyo's head perform a "bon odori", which is a style of dance performed during a Bon Festival.
  • Yohyo's story is a combination of Cinderella and a Japanese folkstory called "The Crane Wife".
    • The story involves a poor man who saves an injured crane and soon a beautiful woman arrives on his doorstep and marries him. She promises to weave beautiful clothes for them to sell, but the man must promise never to watch her work. One day he peeks through the curtain to see how his wife is making such wonderful garments without buying any fabric and discovers that she is actually the crane who uses her own feathers to sew for the garments. The spell is broken and she flies away, never to return again.
      • This matches up with Ranma's request for Yohyo not to peek at him when he breaks the boulder and unleashes the hot water, but Yohyo's curiosity gets the better of him.



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