Yohyo's butler, referred to as Jeeves in Viz Media's translation, is the butler of Yohyo Tsuruyasennen.

After finding Ranma (in his female form) unconscious on the shore of Heron Island, Yohyo's butler brought her to Yohyo's mansion so that she can recover in safety.

On the same evening that Ranma flees Yohyo's mansion, the butler notices her eating most of the food which has been set out for the guests who've been invited to the island. The butler then drags Ranma over to Yohyo where Ranma places her foot on the back of Yohyo's head, revealing her to be his mystical "Stomperella".

As the night goes on, Yohyo's butler helps his master by playing the Accordion so that he has some music to do karaoke to in the hope that Ranma will be having too much fun to notice the poor state of the mansion. Unfortunately, Ranma escapes yet again and learns about Yohyo's bankruptcy due to a boulder blocking the source of the island's hot springs. Despite Ranma's demands that Yohyo doesn't look at her while she breaks the boulder, Yohyo can't resist and both he and the butler learn of Ranma's curse. With his secret revealed, Ranma leaves the pair and they never see each other again.

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