The wilderness of Japan is an often seen location in the series. Its many mountains, covered in lush forests, make superb training grounds for martial artists, where they are free to learn or practice new techniques without injuring others or destroying public property. In addition, there are a variety of small dojos, shrines, temples, resorts and various other locations in rural areas that house such things as magical items or present new problems for the cast to deal with.

Ranma and Genma Saotome still take short, periodic training trips into the wilderness, usually the mountains. Being used to traveling frequently, the two do not have many possessions beyond clothing, heavy backpacks, and camping gear, and have not accumulated much even while staying at the Tendo Dojo. Ryoga Hibiki is frequently depicted on his wanderings walking through forest. He and Ranma learned two of their signature techniques, the Bakusai Tenketsu and the Hiryū Shōten Ha, while training in the wilderness.

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