Western Noodle

Western Noodle's exterior.

Western Noodle (西部軒), un-translated in the dub, is the name of a bar/restaurant that Ryoga visits in order to eat some ramen. While Ryoga was there he meets Ushinosuke Oshamanbe, who orders ramen as well but can't has any as the corn had just run out (there were no more noodles in the dub). Ushinosuke threatens to kill anyone who moves and throws some weapons that spin around the room, only to be caught by Ryoga's chopsticks. Ryoga introduces himself then gives his ramen to Ushinosuke. Ryoga then leaves. While Ushinosuke sits with a Narutomaki on his face. The bar seems to be quite popular with the people who work in the ranches and farms of the area[1].


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