War of the Melons (スイカ割りバトル Suika wari batoru?) is the 48th chapter of the manga and the seventh chapter of the Full Body Cat's Tongue Arc.

The Cat Café moves to the beach for the summer, so the Tendos and Saotomes follow in pursuit of the Phoenix Pill. When Ranma finally locates the old ghoul, she puts the pill and Shampoo on the line in a martial arts melon splitting race.

Plot OverviewEdit

At the BeachEdit

Ranma looks for Cologne at Beach

Ranma looks for the old ghoul on the crowded Beach.

Ranma is at a Beach looking for the old ghoul, as the Cat Café has moved business for the Summer to the Beach, so Soun, for the sake of Ranma, decides that they should follow (this news is welcomed by Kasumi and Nabiki when they're told). As Ranma scans the crowded Beach, she begins to think about how she's going to beat up the old ghoul for running away... However, just as Ranma begins to think this, she notices the old ghoul and chases after her.

After getting the attention of the old ghoul, Ranma easily catches up to her and demands to know whether or not she's going to hand over the Phoenix Pill. The old ghoul simply replies by telling Ranma to forget about that as she wants her to compete in the local "Martial Art Melon Splitting" race. An Announcer then explains that competitors run while trying to break each other's Melons and the first to cross with their Melon intact is the winner! At first the male Beach patrons aren't interested, until the Announcer reveals that the prize for winning is "Miss Shampoo".

Shampoo is then shown holding the Phoenix Pill, to which the old ghoul tells Ranma that if she wants the Pill she'll have to win. Hearing this, Ranma cracks her knuckles and tells the ghoul she almost thought she was smart.

Meanwhile, Akane is walking along the Beach (while Genma is in his panda form and being surrounded by children behind her) when she hears the male Beach-goers talk about the Melon Splitting Race and how the prize is a "babe". Shampoo then hears of Ranma participating in the race and is overjoyed by the news and so hugs Ranma in delight (Akane and the male Beach-goers just watch speechless).

The Race BeginsEdit

Melon Race - Early Progress

Ranma makes early progress in the race.

After Shampoo has gotten off Ranma, the race soon begins and Ranma quickly makes much major headway by destroying several competitors Melons. Ranma then notices something coming towards her, which turns out to be the old ghoul who's competing as well. When Ranma questions her about her participation, the ghoul replies that she got to thinking about playing on the Beach when she was a girl. Hearing this, Ranma jokingly retorts by asking her how many centuries ago that was.

As Ranma is busy seeing off the old ghoul trying to break her Melon, Ranma almost doesn't notice when Soun and Genma attack her as well. Luckily Ranma dodges, Soun then reveals that they're participating for the sake of Akane who Ranma (in their view) has been abandoned for Shampoo. Ranma tries to defend her innocence, but Akane quickly butts in saying that she couldn't care less if Ranma wants Shampoo. Nabiki, who's watching from the sidelines with Kasumi, notes you wouldn't think so going from how furiously she's smashing the other competitors Melons. Kasumi just cheers on Akane.

Ranma stops Akane - Shampoo Melon fight

Ranma stops the fight between Akane and Shampoo before it even starts.

The Announcer declares that only four competitors remain: the pig-tailed girl; the Moustached Man; the Panda and the Living Mummy. The old ghoul soon hits the Announcer for that remark. However, the Announcer then adds that a fifth competitor has emerged (Akane) and is taking the lead. This lead doesn't last long, as when Akane passes the others she's stopped when Shampoo decides to join the fray and declares that nobody is getting past her other than Ranma.

Accepting Shampoo's challenge Akane goes in to attack her. Despite this, Ranma appears and destroys both their Melons before the fight can begin, noting that girls shouldn't play with swords. This comment does cause a negative reaction from Genma who hits Ranma, holding a sign saying "Don't be so cocky!".

Ranma's ChoiceEdit

Soun then asks Ranma where she stands. Genma grabs Akane and Shampoo, while Soun tells Ranma to kiss the girl he really wants. The crowd watch in great anticipation as Ranma stands silent, thinking about what to do. After Shampoo reminds Ranma if she kisses her she'll get the Phoenix Pill. In spite of this, Ranma suddenly walks towards Akane, although she panically backs away from the advancing Ranma. Akane then reveals the reason for her aversion, the fact that people are watching and that the two of them are girls.

Ranma vs Cologne

Ranma prepares to fight against the old ghoul.

Ranma, however, has other ideas and uses the opportunity to breaks Soun's Melon. While doing this, Ranma tells Akane to get her mind out of the gutter as it was only a joke. Akane though obviously doesn't find this humorous and so kicks Ranma into the air, telling her to die.

While Ranma flies she notices that she'll be at the Finish Line when she lands and so aims herself to be inline. However, the old ghoul reappears and attacks Ranma, asking her if she thought she'd make it that easy. As the two land, the ghoul blocks Ranma's way and explains she'll only let her pass if she promises to take Shampoo. Ranma just tells the ghoul that it's time for them to settle this…

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  • One of the scenes in the Opening "Full of Memories" shows Shampoo and Ranma playing a similar game involving melons. The Martial Art Melon Splitting race was not adapted in an anime version, because the related episode was launch in winter; however, coincidentally, the clip of "Full of Memories" in the series was used during summertime.



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