RanmaMov2 South Seas island

An aerial view of the island.

The Unnamed South Seas Island is a deserted tropical island where the cast of Nihao, My Concubine is marooned after Tatewaki Kuno's new yacht, the Lady Binsense, is wrecked in a storm. The island has enough resources to sustain them comfortably, providing sufficient food and building materials for a Cat Café to be opened up, enable the construction of a rest house, and allow Ukyo Kuonji to prepare a modified tropical form of okonomiyaki. When Togenkyo Island drifts close to this island, Toma and his warriors Sarutoru, Torristan, and Wonton cross over to it using their shadow concealment techniques and abduct all of the females. In their subsequent rescue attempt, the remaining cast members abandon the island and cross over to Togenkyo using a motorboat salvaged from the Lady Binsense.

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