The True Love Incense is an incense which Mousse allowed Ranma Saotome to use to stop Happosai, Kuno, Hikaru Gosunkugi, and Ryoga Hibiki, who were under the effects of the Spicy Incense and are obsessed with trying to kiss Akane Tendo. It makes whose who inhale it view all other users of the incense as the person they are most romantically interested in. However, the users still view the others affected with their normal faces but instead wearing the clothes of the romantic interest (in the case of Happosai he saw Kuno and Gosunkugi wearing Akane's school uniform while P-chan just had a "cutesy" face). It is also possible that the True Love Incense causes all those affected to begin kissing each other regardless of if they're the same gender, however, it is possible that this was due to the effects of the Spicy Incense.

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