Training in the Spiral of Hell (特訓!! 螺旋地獄 Tokkun!! Rasen jigoku?) is the 129th chapter of the manga and the fifth chapter of the Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion Arc.

Cologne begins teaching Ranma the steps to mastering the Hiryū Shōten Ha. First he must draw his enemies in towards him while staying within a spiral pattern. Ranma finds this difficult to do when Genma keeps showing Akane and Ukyo nude pictures of him. The next morning Ranma finally manages to stay within the spiral pattern and finishes the first part of his training.

Plot OverviewEdit

Continuing from the Previous ChapterEdit

Ranma's flashback - The Spiral of Hell

Ranma recalls Cologne using the Hiryū Shōten Ha.

Still in the Yomogi Valley, Cologne requests Ranma gives her his analysis of the Hiryū Shōten Ha. Ranma recalls Cologne's comment about the stronger the opponent, the stronger the blast will be. He continues by saying that when they attacked she just dodged them, making them think they were closing in on her, when instead she was drawing them into a single spot before using a single strike she managed to blow them all away.

Ranma then grabs a stick and draws out the steps of the Hiryū Shōten Ha, which he reveals form a spiral. Cologne is impressed that Ranma noticed this after only one demonstration and continues by reaffirming that Ranma is correct as the essence of the technique is to draw your opponent inward within the spiral. Ranma then tells the old ghoul that he'll master the technique by morning, although Cologne quietly suggests that it would be that easy...

Later OnEdit

When Cologne returns to the tent where the others are waiting, she tells them that Ranma will need their help in order to master the Hiryū Shōten Ha. After Ukyo notes her willingness to help Ranma however she can, Cologne informs them that Ranma must also learn something more important than just the spiral steps. She then turns to Genma and tells him that, even though he's Ranma's father, he must abandon all sentiment and become an ogre.

Some time passes and Cologne informs everyone that it doesn't matter how they attack Ranma, so long as Ranma never steps out of the spiral. Ranma then puts some chalk on his shoes so that they can see where he steps. After Cologne reminds Ranma that his footsteps must follow the spiral exactly, Ranma tells her that he isn't backing out and demands they just bring it on.

Genma's second Ranma photo - The Spiral of Hell

Genma shows Ukyo an embarrassing picture of Ranma, as per Ranma's training.

As they rush towards Ranma, Akane and Ukyo remember the old ghoul telling them to respond to an attack which only Genma, as Ranma's father, can make. Genma then thinks to himself that he hopes Ranma can forgive him for being an ogre before pulling out a photograph of Ranma, aged 7, crying at wetting his bed. Ranma immediately tries to grab the photograph, but Genma dodges and hands the picture over to Ukyo and Akane who get great enjoyment from the picture.

Before Ranma can take back the first picture, Genma pulls out another, more recent, photograph, this one showing a naked Ranma falling out of barrel whilst being chased by cats. Genma quickly shows the picture to Ukyo, who demands Genma move his finger as it's the only thing covering Ranma's genitals. Ranma demands his father stop this, but Genma punches Ranma aside before trying to show the picture to Akane, who doesn't want to see it.

Ranma finally grabs the picture, but is immediately punished by Cologne who shows him his footprints which are nowhere near to a spiral shape. She then tells Ranma that he must not be embarrassed and not angry, as the key to the Hiryū Shōten Ha it to have a soul of ice.

The Training ContinuesEdit

Cologne then declares to Ranma that if he doesn't maintain the spiral with an icy heart he cannot master the blast. Ranma falls to his knees before deciding that if that's what he's got to do then he'll take anything they throw at him. After comparing this situation to a Lion throwing it's cubs over a cliff and only raising the ones strong enough to climb back up, Genma pulls out a microphone and "quotes" Ranma talking in his sleep, declaring his love for Akane.

Ryoga looks on - The Spiral of Hell

Ryoga watches the training, before continuing his wanderings.

Almost immediately, Ranma runs over to his father and declares this isn't true, prompting Cologne to remind him of his "soul of ice". Akane then listens to Ranma repeatedly saying it's a lie before she loses her temper and hits Ranma whilst telling him he doesn't have to deny it that much. This causes Ukyo to join in and attack Ranma with her giant Spatula, commenting on how Ranma can love Akane when he has her.

Meanwhile, Ryoga watches the whole affair from atop a nearby cliff, but quickly decides that, although he doesn't know what Ranma's training for, it won't do him any good. Ryoga then turns around and begins trying to return to a city.

As dawn rises, Ranma finally succeeds if getting a perfect spiral. This causes Cologne to note that they've passed the first hurdle, but adds that now the hard part begins. Ranma tries to reiterate that he'll do anything, but Cologne ignores him and instructs Akane and Ukyo to leave. The pair protest this instruction, but Cologne points out that Akane and Ukyo won't attack Ranma without holding back, and vice versa. With Ranma adamant he won't be able to use the attack on Akane, Cologne disappointedly notes that unless they can find someone who'll attack Ranma without holding back its pointless to continue.

Ryoga assists - The Spiral of Hell

Ryoga offers to help in Ranma's training.

At that moment, Ryoga's voices echoes over the group and declares that he can't be sure he won't kill Ranma, but if Ranma doesn't care, he'll gladly be Ranma's opponent. Ranma is surprised that Ryoga came all the way out here for him, however, Ryoga retorts that he did no such thing (making Akane quickly realise that Ryoga must've got lost again). Cologne, meanwhile, wonders if the Heavens are smiling on her future son-in-law, before adding that if that is the cause, it must be a very hard smile...

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  • Move your fingers, man. Your fingers! - Ukyo demanding Genma move his thumb which is covering Ranma's genitals in Genma's photograph.



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