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Toramasa Kobayakawa (小早川 虎正 Kobayakawa Toramasa?) is an anime-only character who was original mentor of Furinkan High School, and now runs a hidden shop in the old section of the school. He is extremely knowledgable about the secrets of every student and staff member at Furinkan High, including Ranma's Jusenkyo curse and the Principal failing English.


Toramasa is approachable and fairly friendly, as Tatewaki and Ranma have been seen hanging out in his shop. He also tells many tall tales about the history for Furinkan in his days, saying that the school helped Europe defeat Napoleon, for example. In the original Japanese version, Toramasa speaks an upperclass accent, typical of that associated with Samurais.

Anime BiographyEdit


Toramasa claims to have joined the school staff shortly after the school was founded, where he was given the title of School Mentor by the first Principal. He later adopted the alias of the owner of the school's second store for reasons never discussed. Initially, Toramasa's store was popular amongst the students, especially amongst the female ones when he ran a special offer of every diary purchased came with a free Tanuki doll. Once the offer was over, however, Toramasa found one of the dolls had been left behind, so he put it away for safe keeping should the owner of the diary return to collect it.

Random RhapsodyEdit


Toramasa is one of the many guests at the Tendo family Christmas party.



Toramasa surrounded by his Battle Aura.

Given his age, Toramasa doesn't have much, if any, physical strength. He is, however, able to project a Battle Aura as shown he fought against Principal Kuno. Toramasa's main ability lies with his extensive knowledge of the students and staff in Furinkan High, which he typical uses as a form of blackmail in order to profit from it. The two most notable examples of this were when he showed Ranma photographs he had acquired of him transforming when hit by cold water; and that when Principal Kuno was a student himself at Furinkan High, he failed English. Both of these instances resulted in Toramasa gaining firstly help from Ranma to protect his store as well as convincing the Principal to allow his store to remain open.


Toramasa has a good rapport with Ranma, Akane and Tatewaki, with all three of them willing to listen to his "old war stories", despite them often resulting in confusion when the timeline of events diverts greatly from world history (ex. starting with Japanese events of 700 years ago before suddenly jumping to the verge of World War II). Tatewaki particularly enjoys theses stories given his high sense of honour.

Due to him choosing to remain in his store, Toramasa isn't seen interacting with many staff members. However, Principal Kuno has a deep hatred of Toramasa due to his information on how he failed English while he himself was a student at Furinkan High. As a result of this hatred, the Principal began spreading rumours about Toramasa's store cursing whoever went there, ultimately leading to almost the entire school forgetting about the store's existence.




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