The Trouble with Girls' Locker Rooms (女子更衣室の罠 Joshi koishitsu no wana?) is the 79th chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Japanese Nanniichuan Arc.

Ranma disguises himself as a girl so he can sneak into the locker room. Akane immediately recognizes him and can only imagine what perverted reasons he has for being there. After she gets rid of him and splashes him he has an embarrassing moment when he is caught wearing girl's gym shorts as a guy.

Plot OverviewEdit

Infiltrating the Locker RoomEdit

Ranma has turned into his female form and has also just finished dressing in the school's female gym outfit so she can get into the Locker Room. Ryoga asks Ranma that he can't seriously be considering going into the same Locker Room as Akane's getting changed in, this causes Ranma to throw some cold water over Ryoga so he can't stop her. As Ranma runs off, she reminds P-chan that the Nannīchuan spring in underneath the Locker Room.

Inside the Locker Room, the girls' are still concerned with Happosai coming to peep on them, but Akane reassures them that this time they'll make him regret it. A female voice then comes out saying that they hope they're not late, but when they open the door they fall prey to the trap set for Happosai.

Ranma disguised - Girls' Locker Rooms

Ranma disguises herself to get into the Locker Room, although Akane can see right through it.

Akane rushes over to them and calls them a dope for not remembering that they agreed to say the password before opening the door. The girl (who's clearly Ranma disguised with a Surgical mask and dark glasses) looks up and apologises, citing that she'd forgotten. The girl then begins looking around the Locker Room, but Akane sees through the disguise and grabs Ranma's pigtail before asks her what she thinks she's doing. Ranma just tells Akane to be quiet and continues looking for the Nannīchuan by crawling on the floor for it's exact location.

Not knowing Ranma's motives, Akane assumes she's here to peep on them so grabs Ranma's legs and pulls them upward while calling Ranma a pervert. The other girls quickly intervene by pulling Akane off Ranma while some other girls ask Ranma if she's alright. This proves to Ranma that none of other girls recognise her, so she secretly congratulates herself for being a master of disguise.

Akane then tells Ranma that she has no right being in here, but Ranma asks her what's wrong with a girl being in a girls' Locker Room. Suddenly, Akane takes out a boiled Tetsubin and attempts to pour the water over Ranma. Akane then tells Ranma that if she doesn't want her cover to be blown... then get out! After being hit out of the Locker Room Ranma calls Akane a macho chick which angers Akane further so she throws the Tetsubin at Ranma. Ranma easily avoids it and asks Akane if she thinks she's dumb enough to let her change her back while she's dressed like this. Continuing, Ranma pulls out her tongue at Akane and tells her to think again, however, the Tetsubin then falls onto Ranma and she gets covered in hot water.

A group of girls quickly gather and are shocked at the sight of the male Ranma wearing girls' gym shorts. Panicking, Ranma screams and makes his escape.

The Second AttemptEdit

Some time passes and Ranma has changed back into his usual outfit, while Ryoga gloats and tells Ranma he brought it on himself. Ranma tells Ryoga to shut up before throwing some cold water over him, as Ranma runs with P-chan in his hand, Ranma tells himself that he's got to do everything to become "all-guy" again.

P-chan enters Locker Room

P-chan is sent into the Locker Room so Ranma can dig up the spring.

Hiding under the window to the girls' Locker Room, Ranma tells P-chan to get some underwear and run as fast as he can and while Akane and the others chase after him, he'll (Ranma) dig up the Nannīchuan. P-chan shakes his head in disagreement, but Ranma just tells him to stop his whining and go. Once he's been thrown into the Locker Room, the girls quickly recognise him. Akane learns of P-chan's appearance so goes and hugs him while asking him where he's been.

Unfortunately, the sight of Akane in her underwear is too much for P-chan and he has a nose bleed before passing out. As Akane shakes him and asks what's wrong, Ranma (still in his male form) walks in and slaps P-chan repeatedly. Ranma then realises what he's done and is quickly set upon by the angered girls.

Ryoga's Change of HeartEdit

Later that day, and Ryoga (using tissue to stop the blood coming from his nostrils) is in a state of bliss from his experience with Akane just now. Ranma (now sporting multiple bumps on his head) angrily asks Ryoga what he's talking about before going on to ask him what's better one brief moment of happiness or the Nannīchuan spring. Ryoga slowly replies that the prior is better.

Ryoga stops Ranma - Girls' Locker Rooms

Ryoga stops Ranma for the sake of Akane.

At that moment Akane appears, looking for Ranma. Akane finds Ryoga instead and asks him if he wasn't meant to be going on a training trip (the moment Ryoga saw Akane he punched Ranma into the air). Akane then explains to Ryoga about what she believes to be Ranma's attempts to peep on her and notes how she can't believe Ranma would stoop so low. Ryoga then tells Akane to leave things to him as he can't let Ranma get away with something like this.

Ranma, meanwhile, is at the Locker Room yet again and has a look in through the window. After noticing nobody's around, Ranma uses this chance to dig up the spring, however, when he enters he's immediately showered in a bucket of underwear held from the ceiling.

As Ranma curiously looks at the underwear and notes how small it is, Ryoga appears and stomps on him. Ryoga declares that Ranma has been caught red-handed and calls him a rotten, little panty-snatcher. Ranma calls Ryoga an idiot and reminds him about the spring, but Ryoga hits Ranma in retaliation on the behalf of Akane. The pair begin fighting, with Ryoga telling Ranma he'll pay for being an enemy of women. However, before Ranma can counter Ryoga, Happosai appears and renders Ryoga unconscious with a simple tap to back of Ryoga's neck.

With Ryoga dealt with, Happosai tells Ranma to hurry up and collect the "silky darlings". At that moment the girls emerge from the Lockers which they'd hidden in, with Akane declaring that Ranma was in cahoots with Happosai all along. After being attacked by the angered girls, Happosai tells Ranma that they have to join forces to get back the "silky treasures", but Ranma hits Happosai again while telling him that he just doesn't get it.

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