The Tragic Legend of the Black Cherry Tree (男桜悲伝 Otoko-zakura hiden?) is the 318th chapter of the manga it is also the first and only chapter of the Cursed Cherry Tree Arc.

One night at the Kuno mansion, Tatewaki decides to carve his and the Pig-Tailed Girl's names on a tree in his yard. Soon thereafter the man from the neighborhood watch comes to the Tendo Dojo to ask for their help with an "asking out demon".

Plot OverviewEdit

One Night...Edit

Kuno carves in Cherry Tree

Kuno carves his name and the pig-tailed girl's into the cursed tree.

At the Kuno Estate, Tatewaki finds himself unable to sleep so decides to do some training in the hope it'll help him become tired. He then stands in front of a Cherry tree. He then begins to swing his Bokken violently into the tree and ends up carving an ai ai gasa into it, with his name along with the pig-tailed girl's. Realising what he's done, Kuno turns away and blushes about how his feelings emerge even in combat. At that moment a bright light appears from the tree which engulfs Kuno...

Meanwhile, at the Tendo Dojo, Ranma, Genma, Soun and Akane are told about an "asking out demon" from the Man From Neighborhood Watch. The man then explains that the demon only asks out girls with pigtails and then showers them with gifts.

Meeting Sakura-KunoEdit

Some time passes and Ranma has turned into his female form to try and attract the demon. As Ranma walks with Akane accompanying her, Akane asks her if the idea of a "demon's always asking for dates" sounds familiar. Ranma agrees with Akane and suddenly a voice booms out demanding "Date with me!!", Akane almost immediately recognises the voice as that of Kuno's. Ranma, meanwhile, can't believe that Kuno has sunk so low and turns around to hit him and demand he knock it off. However, when Ranma does this she's shocked to see that Kuno has become infused with the Cherry Tree from earlier.

Ranma reads cherry tree legend

Ranma reads of the legend of the cursed tree.

After returning to the Kuno Estate, Kuno explains that he's possessed by the Cherry Tree and can't get free. Kuno goes on to reveals that there's an ancient document which has been handed down through generations of the Kuno family. Akane and Ranma read the document and learn that a long time ago there was a man who'd amused himself by writing his name along with that of his beloved on the trunk of a cherry tree. The legend goes on to explain that the tree became angry with the man, so absorbed him and made a sacrifice of the woman whose name was carved into the tree.

Ranma then looks at the trunk of the tree and sees "pig-tailed girl" carved in it. Kuno then asks her if she'll give her life for him, but Ranma just hits Kuno for his stupid request. Ranma proceeds to leave, but finds herself trapped behind some barrier, which Kuno reveals to be the response of the cherry tree as the curse will keep the sacrifice close by under the shadow of the tree's branches.

As Ranma hits Kuno for getting her stuck in this mess, Akane reads the document further and reveals that a sacrifice won't be necessary so long as long as the two of them go out on a "fun date". Kuno tells Akane to forgive and disregard his actions tonight, a request which Akane half-heartedly accepts.

The DateEdit

Starting off the date, Ranma suggests they get something to eat and look at the cherry blossom, but suddenly the Tendos and Genma arrive, declaring that they'll help them have a fun time. The party soon goes underway, but Kuno tells Ranma that he feels like he's being put on show and isn't having any fun at all. He then falls over onto Ranma in an attempt to feel the pig-tailed girl's strong thighs on the back of his head, but this idea soon falls flat when Kuno realises he can't feel anything when made of bark.

Kuno not enjoying date - Black Cherry tree

The date continues, although Kuno claims not to be enjoying it.

Not knowing how to make Kuno have fun, Ranma asks him what they should do and Kuno immediately replies that they should kiss. Ranma is obviously against this idea, but Kuno reminds her she has to as the only way he can enjoy himself is by a kiss from her lips. This prompts Ranma to draw on Kuno's face and cheekily ask him to catch her if he can. After running around a bit, Kuno trips over and attempts to kiss Ranma, only for her to use all her strength to stop him in time.

Ranma manages to kick Kuno away from her, but the curse causes him to come crashing down on top of her, thus stomping her almost completely into the ground. Nabiki and Akane look on as Ranma and Kuno continue their "date". After Kuno gives Ranma a necklace of flower petals, she asks aren't they having a good time, but Kuno is still dissatisfied and will remain so until his pig-tailed girl kisses him on the lips. This is the final straw for Ranma, who frees one of her arms and punches the tree skyward.

Ranma threatens cherry tree

Ranma threatens the tree, causing it to release Kuno.

On it's return, the tree has taken a dark and ominous appearance. Soun notes that Ranma's angered the spirit of the tree. The spirit then shows it's true form the group and angrily notes how Ranma made a fool of it. It then produces a fierce gale and tells Ranma that the only way she will avoid his wrath now is... to kiss it! Ranma decides to finish the tree and threatens to cut it down, so the panicked tree decides that date wasn't all that bad and lets Kuno free.

A little later, Soun notes how weak spirited the ghost was, to which Nabiki adds it isn't too surprising seeing how it was Kuno who it possessed. Meanwhile, Akane mentions to the unconscious Kuno how luck he was to get out of it, while Ranma digs a hole to bury Kuno in before he wakes up.

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  • The lanterns Akane and Ranma carry in this chapter say "official business" on them in Japanese


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