After finding it's way to the Tendo Dojo, Kasumi tries her best to restrain this stray cat before Ranma's return to the dojo with the rest of the family.

Manga BiographyEdit

While Ranma, Akane, Nabiki, Soun and Genma were out this cat came into the Tendo Dojo and subsequently broke a Vase as well as knock over several other items as Kasumi tried to catch it before the others return. Once caught, Kasumi decides to dry it first after the water in the vase fell on it. As she does this, however, Ranma and Akane walk in, but quickly depart; mistaking Kasumi's aura as one of hatred towards them having eaten out without informing her earlier.

Despite Kasumi's best efforts, however, the cat escapes once again which causes Ranma's ailurophobia to set in.[1] It isn't shown what Kasumi did with the cat after this.


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