The Punishment of Perv-Boy! (成敗!変態少年 Seibai! hentai shonen?) is the 361st chapter of the manga. It is also the second chapter of the Battle of the Busts Arc.

Ranma goes clothes shopping with Nodoka and Akane while trying to avoid being discovered in her male self.

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Change room surprise

Ranma unknowingly climbed over to Akane's side.

Ranma and Akane stare quietly at each other not knowing what to do. Just as Ranma apologizes Akane slaps him while covering herself with the other hand. Nodoka then calls out to her to see if she's alright. Ranma frantically climbs over the wall as Nodoka peeks through the curtain to check. Upon climbing over to the other side, he finds it occupied by a large old woman taking off her top and climbs back over to Akane's side. Akane has to quickly close the curtain to prevent Nodoka from looking inside. She whispers him to get out and Ranma tells her that he's trying and doesn't want to look at her modest chest anyway.

Suddenly Nodoka hears a loud thud from inside and Akane comes out fully dressed. Nodoka quickly inspects the changing room but doesn't find anything suspicious. Unknown to her, Akane had smashed Ranma's body into the ceiling. She walks up to a vase nearby and throws it at the ceiling to turn Ranma back into a girl while Nodoka remained distracted. They meet up later to have dessert.

Nodoka is concerned about Ranko, seeing her frequently disappear and fighting Akane. She then thinks that there might be a possible connection between the noises she heard in the changing room and Ranko's disappearance. While she is distracted by this, a waitress carrying hot soup trips and changes Ranma yet again. He moves over to the next booth and splashes himself with a cup of ice water and returns. Nodoka is none the wiser but notices the stains on Ranma's shirt so she decides to go buy her some new clothes.

Shopping ContinuesEdit

They go to a lady's clothing store and pick out a new outfit. Akane compliments Ranma by saying she looks very lady-like. The store had a promotional game that offered a trip to a health salon. Akane wins it and shows it to Ranma. She looks through brochure and mentions that there is also a treatment for breasts which she tells Akane she can use. Akane steps on her head and tells Nodoka that she will be heading home before and takes off. As Nodoka and Ranma watch her from the store, Nodoka asks if she and Ranma had a fight. Ranma then realizes that Akane might be mad at her.

Ranma new outfit

Ranma's new outfit.

Ranma and her mother pay a visit to the trip that Akane had won. Nodoka chooses the hot water treatment for Ranma and tells her that she will be waiting outside. Ranma has no choice but to put on a towel and play along. When Ranma walks in, she sees an empty room with a body marking on the wall with a water gun aimed at it. As soon as the door closes, Ranma removes the towel and quickly puts on the clothes she had and opens the window to escape. Just as she is ready to leave, the water jet activates and bathes her in hot water.

In the lobby, Nodoka is reading a magazine wondering where Ranko had gone. She then sees a male figure running outside wearing the clothes she bought for Ranko. Ranma doesn't want to be seen as some kind of pervert crossdresser so he leaves the clothes behind and runs home in his underwear.

Pervert BoyEdit

Back home, Ranma is just relieved that he's home. Nodoka comes by and he's forced to douse himself in cold water. She shows Ranma her clothes and asks what happened. Ranma is unable to come up with an excuse when Nabiki chimes in. She fabricates a story about a pervert crossdresser who came into the room and stole Ranma's clothes before running off. Ranma is not happy with the story but Nodoka buys it. She unsheathes the katana saying the pervert must be punished. Ranma follows Nabiki out to talk to her and Nabiki tells her that Akane came home upset and it's probably her fault.

Meanwhile, Akane is in her room lifting a dumbbell. Around her room are various magazines and beauty products on increasing bust size. Ranma comes up from behind and inadvertently surprises her and Akane hits him with the dumbbell for not knocking first. He tells her that he came to apologize, which gets her attention. After apologizing, he can't help but to ask exactly what he said to make her angry and Akane gives him a beating for not knowing.

Punishment needed

Nodoka wants to punish the perv-boy that took Ranko's clothes

Kasumi and Nodoka are downstairs having a cup of tea when they hear the commotion above. She makes her way to Akane's room and hears a man's voice. Nodoka looks through the crack and grabs Ranma's pig-tail, recognizing it as belonging to the pervert-boy that stole Ranko's clothes. She unsheathes her blade to punish him.

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