The Paper Chase (ああ! 無情の紙吹雪 Aa! Mujo no kami fubuki?) is the 135th chapter of the manga and the eleventh chapter of the Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion Arc.

Ranma tries his best to save Akane as they are flung round and round inside the blast. Mousse, the Principal, Happosai and Kuno are all hurled out of the vortex and the rest of students quickly bury them while they are unconcious. Ranma finally gets close to Akane and she hands him Happosai's Moxibustion Chart that contains the cure to Ranma's weakened state.

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Continuing from the Previous ChapterEdit

Akane missing - Paper Chase

The group notice that Ranma and Akane have disappeared.

As the twister from the Hiryū Shōten Ha continues to rage on, both Ukyo and Cologne note how impressive it is that Ranma pulled off the technique. However, their awe soon turns to shock when they see that Ranma isn't stood in the crater of the blast, so must've been sucked into the vortex along with the others.

Just then Ryoga realises that Akane's gone missing as well. The group then look on helplessly as they wonder whether Akane got caught up in the vortex from the Hiryū Shōten Ha...

Inside the VortexEdit

Meanwhile, Ranma has just found Akane amidst the swirling winds. As Akane regains consciousness, Ranma calls over to her that she's just doing this to irritate him, to which Akane unsuccessfully tries to explain her reasoning. Ranma then attempts to get over to Akane, but finds it difficult given his inability to fight the strength of the wind. Suddenly several items come hurtling towards Ranma which manage to knock him close enough that he's within a hairsbreadth of grabbing Akane's hand.

Unfortunately for Ranma, just before he can reach Akane, the unconscious bodies of Kuno, the Principal, Mousse and Happosai knock into him as well before flying out of the vortex.

Once outside the tornado of the Hiryū Shōten Ha, the bodies of Ranma's rivals hit the ground with great force; creating a large crater in their wake. As the male students peer into the crater they see the bodies lying their and decide that as they'll never be together in the same place again; they should do one thing... bury them!

As Ryoga looks on at the improvised burial, he comments on how much more powerful the blast from the Hiryū Shōten Ha was compared to when Ranma used it on him. Cologne agrees with Ryoga, citing a possible explanation being that the Battle Aura used for this Hiryū Shōten Ha was much greater. She then continues by adding that if Ranma and Akane are still inside the twister, they're in grave danger...

Getting the Moxibustion ChartEdit

Akane with Moxibustion Chart - Paper Chase

Akane tells Ranma to take the Moxibustion Chart.

Back inside the Hiryū Shōten Ha twister, and as Ranma continues his desperate attempts to get to Akane, Akane is finding it difficult to breathe so decides not to waste anymore time and takes out the Moxibustion Chart in the hope of giving it to Ranma.

Ranma is shocked that Akane stepped into the blast just so that she could give him the chart. After a moment's contemplation, Ranma tells Akane that she's stupider that he thought given how she knew how dangerous it is to... But before Ranma can finish scolding her, Akane mutters to Ranma to take the chart before she passes out again. Just as Akane loses consciousness, Ranma finally succeeds in grabbing her arm, only for the chart to begin flying away.

The Paper Chase - last panel

Ranma decides that, if nothing else, he'll save Akane.

Not wanting for all of Akane's effort to be for nothing, Ranma grabs onto the chart with his teeth, determined that nothing is going to take it from him. However, no sooner does Ranma think this than the chart shreds into hundreds on tiny pieces due to the high winds. As Ranma is left devastated that his final hope of not dying a weakling has gone, Cologne sees one of the falling pieces and instantly recognises it as a part of the chart. She then instructs all the nearby students to get every single piece.

After weeping at the thought of dying as a weakling, Ranma apologises to Akane before suddenly remembering that he's holding onto her. With one last glimmer of determination, Ranma declares that he can't give up yet because as they fall to the ground he must, if nothing else, save Akane!...

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