The Great Rematch (いくぞ! 雪辱戦 Iku zo! setsujoku-sen?) is the 132nd chapter of the manga and the eighth chapter of the Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion Arc.

Ranma goes to pay his respects to a still unconscious Ryoga for helping him learn the Hiryū Shōten Ha. Ryoga wakes up and beats Ranma up for letting him think he tried to have his way with Akane. Genma then decides that it is time to return to the city and face Happosai.

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Continuing from the Previous ChapterEdit

As Ukyo watches as Ryoga has a nightmare about being hit by the icy blast of the Hiryū Shōten Ha, she decides to help Ryoga get some sleep by hitting him with a mallet. Ukyo then heads out of the tent and asks Cologne what happened as Ryoga came crashing down in a crumbled mess while Ranma is just a bit battered.

Hiryū Shōten Ha explanation - Great Rematch

Cologne explains that the Hiryū Shōten Ha relies on a clash of temperatures.

Cologne explains that the real secret behind the Hiryū Shōten Ha is the clash of temperatures. She continues by informing the others that by leading your opponent into a circular motion a spiral of heated Battle Aura is created. The collision between the hot aura and cold forces the aura to rise into the air and, like in the wake of a dragon rising, a tornado forms. Ukyo quickly realises that this is why Ryoga needed to be led into the heat of combat whilst Ranma was required to maintain an icy body and soul.

Continuing, Cologne adds that the finishing move comes from the icy punch. As Akane remembers the fight, Cologne explains that Ranma's last punch was an uppercut which acted like a corkscrew that sent an icy blow into the heated spiral. Thus, by combining such hot and cold auras, Ranma was able to use the Hiryū Shōten Ha. With her explanation finished, Cologne comments on how impressed she is that Ranma perfected the technique despite her never teaching him the final move. Just then Akane turns her head to look at Ranma, but both her and Ukyo are shocked to see that Ranma's disappeared!

Ryoga AwakesEdit

The group soon find Ranma in the tent where Ryoga's sleeping and quietly look on as Ranma thinks to himself what amazing things someone can do in a life-or-death situation. After congratulating himself for coming up with such a brilliant move, Ranma decides that it was Ryoga's frigid battle aura which chilled his bones with the sense of death which enabled him to perform the Hiryū Shōten Ha. Ranma then proceeds to grab Ryoga's hand and, with tears rolling down his face, thanks Ryoga for his help before telling him to rest in peace.

Ukyo attacks Akane - Great Rematch

Ukyo attacks Akane for believing she seduced Ranma.

However, Ryoga wakes up and starts strangling Ranma for treating him like he was dead. Ranma tries passing off the situation as a joke, but Ryoga can't believe that Ranma would force himself onto Akane for a joke. Infuriated, Ryoga tells Ranma that the day he rests in peace is the day he sends him to hell. Ryoga then punches Ranma through the tent, while Ukyo questions Akane about what Ryoga meant about Ranma forcing himself on her.

Akane attempts to explain that it was just Ranma lying, but Ukyo convinces herself that, in his weakened state, Ranma could have never forced himself on someone as musclebound as Akane, so decides that Akane must've seduced him. After Ukyo takes a swipe at Akane with her giant Spatula, Ranma returns and comments that he would never let a chick like Akane seduce him. This prompts Akane to push Ranma for calling her repulsive, before Ryoga hits Ranma again for insulting Akane.

Returning to FurinkanEdit

As the youngsters continue to fight amongst themselves, Genma agrees with Cologne that it's time to return to Furinkan so that they can recover the Moxibustion chart from Happosai in order to allow Ranma to recover from the Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion. Suddenly Ukyo and Akane pack up their belongings before declaring that there's no time to waste. The group then begin heading home, although Ranma is still struggling with Ryoga now threatening to drop a large boulder on top of him.

Happosai angry - Great Rematch

Happosai prepares to get revenge on Ranma throwing away his latest panty collection.

Later that day, after another successful panty raid, Happosai notes how, no matter what he does, he still has something missing. Happosai stops and, with a small tear in his eye, asks Ranma why he became one with the stars... At that moment, Ranma kicks Happosai in the back of head, but when that has no effect, Ranma resorts to using a megaphone to shout down Happosai's ear. As Happosai looks in slight shock at Ranma's return, Ranma dramatically declares that he's returned from the depths of hell itself.

Before Ranma can finish, however, Happosai attempts to commemorate Ranma's return by turning him into his female form with a bucket of water. However, Ranma avoids the bucket and grabs Happosai's latest back on panties, before throwing it over the side of the building their stood on. This infuriates Happosai and tells Ranma he'll pay for what he just did. Ranma observes Happosai's battle aura, which is perfect for the Hiryū Shōten Ha. Ranma then tells the old lecher to come and get it...

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