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For the character, see Yasukichi the Egg-Catcher Man.

The Egg-Catcher Man (たまごをつかむ男 Tamago wo Tsukamu Otoko?) is the 17th episode in the fourth season of Ranma ½, Outta Control, and is the 81st episode overall.

Relation to the Previous EpisodeEdit


Plot OverviewEdit

Kasumi seems unusually cheerful after a chance encounter with a stranger, leading Nabiki to speculate that she's found herself a new boyfriend.

Cast in Order of Appearance Edit

Character Name Japanese Voice English Voice
Kasumi Tendo Kikuko Inoue Willow Johnson
Yasukichi the Egg-Catcher Man Kōji Tsujitani Brian Drummond
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi Richard Cox
Akane Tendo Noriko Nagai Myriam Sirois
Nabiki Tendo Minami Takayama Angela Costain
Tofu Ono Yūji Mitsuya Ian James Corlett
Soun Tendo Ryūsuke Ōbayashi David Kaye
Genma Saotome (human) Kenichi Ogata Robert O. Smith

Quotes Edit

  • (Soun) "Kasumi's a virginal, pure-hearted maiden! That's why her judgment of men is --"
    • (Nabiki) "Absolutely nil."


You can see Nabiki reading Ranma 1/2 in one scene.

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