The Carp of Misery (悲哀・コイの発生 Hiai koi no hassei?) is the 242nd chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Fishing Pole of Love Arc.

While out on one of his voyages Ryoga discovers a bamboo fishing pole. The "Fishing Pole of Love" is said to make anyone you attach the suction cup to fall in love with you. Ryoga buys one and plans to use it on Akane, not thinking it will even work. As she passes by he casts the line but strikes Ranma instead.

Plot OverviewEdit

Fishing Pole of Love?Edit

Ryoga finds Fishing Rod - Carp of Misery

Ryoga finds the Fishing Pole of Love whilst searching for a gift for Akane.

While out on one of his journeys, Ryoga busily looks around several merchant stalls in order to find the perfect gift for Akane. Just then he notices a basket filled with Bamboo fishing poles, labelled "Fishing Poles of Love". When Ryoga picks up one of the Fishing rods, the Salesman tells him he's made an excellent choice. The Salesman continues to explain to Ryoga that by hitting the breast of the girl with the suction cup at the end of the rod she'll instantly fall in love with him.

The Salesman tells Ryoga that it's foolproof and is being sold at an discounted price. Understandably, Ryoga is very skeptical about the Salesman claim, but ends up giving in and buys one anyway.

When he returns to Furinkan, Ryoga waits of the path he knows Akane takes on her way home from School. As he waits, Ryoga thinks how about stupid it is for him to try using a toy to win Akane's affections. He then proceeds to wonder if he's this desperate to actually use the Fishing Rod and begins to walk off, thinking about getting Akane another backscratcher instead. Suddenly, Ryoga hears saying goodbye to one of her friends and begins telling himself that he mustn't run away.

Ryoga hooks Ranma - Carp of Misery

Instead of Akane, Ryoga ends up hooking Ranma instead.

As Akane runs up the street, Ryoga prepares to cast his line. Unfortunately when he does, Ranma appears (being chased by Kuno) and gets the suction cup land on his chest. Ryoga, having not seen who the line's hooked, feels the line go taut and pulls it in. Of course Ryoga if greatly disappointed when he sees that he's actually hooked Ranma and begins attacking him for utterly ruining his life.

Just then Akane notices Ryoga and strikes up a conversation with him. As the two try to talk, Kuno begins hugging Akane while Ranma continues hitting Ryoga. Akane and Ryoga soon tire of the other two and send them flying. Ryoga then begins walking with Akane as she thanks him for the gifts before noting what a kind person he is. This embarrasses Ryoga slightly and he thinks to himself about how this brief walk with Akane at his side is all he needs to be happy. He then thinks how stupid he was to believe the Fishing Rod would work, but at least it was at an discounted price.

Meanwhile, Ranma curses Ryoga for always attacking him with weird objects. He then begins scratching at where the suction cup touched him and notices a red mark on his chest.

Visiting the TendosEdit

While Ryoga treats the Tendos and Genma to some pastries he bought, Ranma walks in and sees Ryoga sat next to Akane. Ranma then proceeds to put himself between the pair, much to Ryoga's frustration. Nabiki pipes up and comments on how inconsiderate what he just did was, especially as Ryoga bought all this gifts in an attempt to impress Akane. Greatly embarrassed at Nabiki's comment, Ryoga denies that what all the gifts are for. Akane quickly defuses the situation by telling Nabiki to stop teasing Ryoga before reassuring Ryoga that Nabiki was just kidding.

Ranma leaves - Carp of Misery

Ranma leaves Ryoga, overjoyed that they can still be friends.

At this moment Ranma gets up and asks if he can have a word with Ryoga outside, alone. Akane questions Ranma if he's trying to pick another fight with Ryoga, but Ranma reiterates that he just wants to talk to Ryoga. After Ryoga and Ranma leave, Nabiki asks Akane what it's like being in the middle of a love triangle, to which Akane reenforces that she and Ryoga are just friends.

On the roof of the Tendo Dojo, Ranma asks Ryoga if he truly loves Akane. Ryoga is surprised that Ranma would ask this, but eventually reveals that, yes, he does truly love Akane. Hearing this, Ranma begins acting strangely and comments on how he kind of sensed Ryoga's feelings, but is a little surprised at Ryoga revealing them openly. Ranma then asks Ryoga if they can at least be friends. Confused and suspicious of what Ranma just said, Ryoga asks Ranma if he's feeling alright. This causes Ranma to ask if this means that they aren't friends, which Ryoga tries to make Ranma hold on for a moment. But before Ryoga get an clarity on what's going on, Ranma jumps away overjoyed and bids his new best friend goodbye. After Ranma leaves, Ryoga begins wondering if Ranma's lost his mind from him being hit too many times.

Ryoga's New FiancéEdit

That evening Ryoga dreams about being with Akane and her making him Miso soup. Surprisingly when Ryoga wakes up he can smell cooking Miso from outside his tent, but is horrified when he sees that it's being prepared by Ranma!

Ranma tells Ryoga that he was waiting for him to wake up and he's washed all the clothes he could find, but is happy to do more if Ryoga gives them to him. The extremely confused Ryoga asks Ranma what he's planning, to which Ranma replies he's not planning anything and just wants to see him smile. This prompts Ryoga to shout at Ranma about how he's meant to smile when a guy's looking after him. Ranma admits he hadn't thought about this and quickly douses himself with cold water to turn into his female form. Ranma then asks if this is better, although Ryoga retorts that it isn't.

Carp of Misery - ending

Ryoga is shocked when Akane comes across him looking at Ranma's breast.

Ryoga suddenly wonders if this is all the doing of the Fishing Rod and begins searching through his belongings to find the instruction manual. When he finds it, Ryoga reads that once the suction cup is placed on the girl's breast the seed will be planted and will eventually grow into a full-blown romance. Just then Ranma asks Ryoga if everything's alright, to which Ryoga responds by pulling Ranma into the tent.

Outside, Akane is on her usual morning jog, wondering where Ranma could've gone so early in the morning, when she hears Ranma and Ryoga's voice coming from the tent. Back inside, Ryoga pulls back Ranma's shirt to see that a mark in the shape of a carp has appeared on Ranma's breast (a sign that the Fishing Rod worked). At that moment, Ryoga hears Akane's voice and she enters the tent to see Ryoga over Ranma with Ranma's breasts showing. Ryoga doesn't know what to say as Akane asks what they're doing, while Ranma comments that she didn't know they'd gotten this far in their relationship yet...

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