The Black Secret (黒い秘密兵器 Kuroi himitsu heiki?) is the 236th chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Pantyhose Returns Arc.

Akane tells Ranma that the spring water Pantyhose Taro is going to splash Happosai with is actually from the Spring of Drowned Twins. Ranma rushes to find the two combatants and stops Pantyhose Taro just as the water is about to hit Happosai. Pantyhose does not understand why Ranma would try to save the preverted old man, but refuses to listen to any of Ranma's excuses.

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Continuing from the Previous ChapterEdit

Having gathered Ranma, Soun and Genma, Akane explains that the Jusenkyo Guide informed her that Pantyhose Taro doesn't actually have the Spring of Pious Man. This immediately prompts the others to wonder just what cursed spring water Pantyhose is in possession of. However, after indulging in their fanatasies and agreeing that whatever Happosai turns into it's better than what he's like now, Akane that Pantyhose has the Spring of Drowned Twins.

Ranma steps in - Black Secret

Ranma stops Pantyhose pouring Jusnekyo water over Happosai.

Terrified at the thought of having to deal with two old perverts, Ranma, Soun and Genma waste no time in chasing down Pantyhose before he uses the water on Happosai.

Meanwhile, just as he finds another pair of defenceless panties, Happosai if attacked by Pantyhose and his Jusenkyo water. After easily avoiding Pantyhose's initial strike, Happosai reminds him that he will never repent and change his name, although Pantyhose thinks he'll soon have a change of hear... and personality. Happosai continues his protests until Pantyhose lures him in with a brassiere. This gives Pantyhose the chance he wanted to pour the water over the old lecher when suddenly Ranma arrives to kick the jar of Pantyhose's grasp.

Ranma's InterventionEdit

With the spring water now in his possession, Ranma tries to explain to Pantyhose about the mix up, but just gets kicked in the face by Pantyhose for calling him by his first name. Undeterred, Ranma tries once more to explain what's going, but this time Happosai tries to make Ranma try on one of his brassieres which prompts Ranma into kicking the old pervert skyward.

Returning to matter at hand Ranma declares to Pantyhose that he will not allow him to have the water, no matter what Pantyhose tries to do to him. Intrigued by the prospect of beating up Ranma, Pantyhose prepares to fight as Ranma goads him on.

The Secret of Pantyhose TaroEdit

Pantyhose demon - Black Secret

Ranma sees Pantyhose's new cursed form.

Suddenly, a thunder storm roles overhead and the subsequent rainfall begins Pantyhose's transformation into his cursed form... This time, however, Pantyhose's body has multiple octopus tentacles protruding from his back!

After narrowly avoiding Pantyhose's initial strikes, Happosai returns and uses his Happo Fire-Bust to save Ranma from the second attack. Once he finishes groping Ranma's breasts Happosai warns her to be weary of Pantyhose's new form; as his tentacles are lightning fast and filled with traps. At that moment Pantyhose thrusts one of his tentacles towards the pair, leaving Ranma to wonder just what trap they could possess that even Happosai would concern himself with.

Ranma doesn't have to wait long, however, before Happosai falls for one of the tentacles traps, in the form of a brasserie being held on the end of the tentacle to lure Happosai in before becoming ensnared.

Ranma screams - Black Secret

Ranma watches Pantyhose begin pouring the water.

Distinctly unimpressed Ranma charges straight at Pantyhose with the Jusenkyo water in hand. Pantyhose swiftly counters by trying to use his octopus tentacles to surround Ranma, but can't keep up with her, prompting Ranma to tell Pantyhose that his moves are pathetic. Angered, Pantyhose uses another technique whereby he launches ink from his fingers to blind Ranma. Unable to see Ranma is soon ensnared by Pantyhose before being punched, causing Ranma to drop the Jusenkyo water.

Meanwhile, Akane, Soun and Genma arrive on the scene, but realise that they are too late. The group quickly begin rushing over, whilst Ranma looks on helplessly as Pantyhose begins pouring the water over Happosai…

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