Tendo Family's Annoying Acquaintances! (天道家のおよびでない奴ら! Tendō-ke no Oyobidenai Yatsura!?), is the third special episode which was only available as a special give-away by the Kitty Animation Circle fan club and has since become a very rare item/episode.

This special features a Nabiki narrated review of the series where she discusses various characters that the Tendo family has had to tolerate spliced with new animation of her hanging around the house.

Plot OverviewEdit

One Morning in the Tendo DojoEdit

Nabiki observes vacant house

Nabiki notices how quiet the house is.

Nabiki is downstairs in her Pajamas while brushing her teeth. Nabiki observes that the house seems to be completely empty and notes that it seems to be a very calm morning, which is only possible when everyone's absent. She continues by saying that daily has become an uproar since Ranma arrived with strange people appearing, especially Shampoo who caused a disaster when she arrived. As Nabiki thinks about what Shampoo did during her time at the Dojo, she goes upstairs where she rubs cream onto her face.

Continuing, Nabiki notes that Shampoo does like Ranma as they realised that from the start. However, Shampoo just caused destruction without any giving anything to compensate, worse still it turns out she fell into a Jusenkyo pool as well. Back downstairs, Nabiki goes to talk about Shampoo's fiancé, Mousse, appearing as well who also happens to be cursed as well.

In her room, Nabiki moves onto Ryoga and how he's Ranma's strongest rival. She then goes on to undress, but before she "reveals" anything, Nabiki addresses the camera saying she has the right not to show anything.

Later OnEdit

Nabiki has changed and is wandering around the lower floors of the house on a pair of Roller skates. She then sits down and continues thinking about Ryoga, wondering why he hates Ranma so much as well as noting that thinks got worse ever since they had that discussion in the bathroom, only to disappear straight afterwards. Nabiki begins to ponder something, when she notices that P-chan is climbing over her right leg.

Nabiki questions P-chan

Nabiki asks P-chan if he's Ryoga.

Nabiki picks up P-chan and asks him if he's Ryoga, which causes a minor panic in P-chan who starts to sweat in fear. Continuing, Nabiki stands back up and takes P-chan with her, where she tries to pour some hot water over him, only for P-chan to run off. Once P-chan has fled, Nabiki decides that it must only be her imagination. She then goes on to remember that not all people suffering Jusenkyo curses turn into animals.

Nabiki dancing

Nabiki dances in her room, while noting not everyone has a Jusenkyo curse.

Some more time has seemingly passed as Nabiki is now in her room, in a different outfit, and dancing around to some music. As she dances, Nabiki notes that not everyone Ranma is involved with transforms, citing Ukyo as an example along with several others. Nabiki then proceeds to turn off the CD player with her foot and goes to look out her bedroom window. She continues by noting that most of them have a job while she's tired of it, since it's too much work for little pay. Nabiki also comments on how it's difficult to give gratuitous lodging on little income and thanks to them her money never increases, but she can forgive them.

After remembering back to the time Kodachi stayed at the Dojo, Nabiki says that she wouldn't mind having a luxurious meal everyday, but Kodachi is a very strange girl.

Into the BathEdit

This causes Nabiki to also think to the time Kuno decided to make Nabiki his wife, and how it was erroneous of Kuno to make such a conclusion the money can make it worth it, whether it's good or bad, since she's good at it. As she says this, Nabiki removes her over shirt and also removes the rest of her dancing outfit (making sure to keep her back to the camera). Once she remembers when she helped Ranma when he had to face the Gambling King, Nabiki is about to enter the bath.

Nabiki checks for Happosai

Before she gets in, Nabiki checks that Happosai isn't lurking around.

However, before she does, Nabiki pokes her head out of the adjoining space between the bathroom and the hallway to make sure nobody's around since it's very difficult to have peaceful bath at the house. This causes her to explain that there is a perverted and creepy person spying everywhere.

Now relaxing the bath, Nabiki comments that everyday they have a problem but on days like this she can she sleep and relax. Nabiki then quickly opens the window and declares that she's so happy about the day being the way it is.

Elsewhere in Furinkan...Edit

Mousse is fighting Ranma and tells him to prepare to say goodbye to this world as he attacks Ranma with a bizarre looking pole with a large duck on the end of it. He then lunges at Ranma, but Ranma dodges and kicks Mousse in the face with both his feet. After being knocked to the ground, Mousse quickly gets back up and declares that with Shampoo helping he knows he can win.

Mousse and Ranma in explosion

Ranma and Mousse look as the eggs from the duck pole explode.

Supred on, Mousse launches a flurry of attacks on Ranma with the duck pole, but still fails to land a hit. Annoyed, Mousse uses his usual arsenal of robes etc to tie Ranma's legs and arms and allow him to land a hit with the duck pole. However, when he does a hole in the back of the duck appears where a bunch of eggs appear and launch into the air.

Ranma and Mousse watch confused as the eggs fly into the air and land next to them. Suddenly, then eggs explode, Ranma manages to scurry away while Mousse is caught in the explosion.

Shampoo, who's watching the fight from the sidelines with Akane, declares that she'll do anything she can to make Mousse lose the fight and so hands Mousse another duck pole. Mousse (seemingly having not heard what Shampoo just said) proceeds to declare that this time things will be different and launches another attack with the duck pole. Despite Ranma's best efforts he soon has to use his arms to block the duck pole, causing more explosive eggs to hit Mousse. In response, Shampoo hands another pole to Mousse, only this time it has a bomb on the end which explodes as soon as Mousse grabs it.

Mousse returns to facing Ranma, using more of his hidden weapons to try and gain an advantage. Now sporting two blades spouting from the sleeves, Mousse continues to fight Ranma and the pair end up fighting across several rooftops, while Shampoo and Akane follow in pursuit. Ranma has soon had enough so uses his Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken to touch Mousse's blades repeatedly until they break into multiple small pieces.

At first Mousse is put aback by this weapons being destroyed, but quickly spouts a replacement pair of blades. He then goes back to trying to hit Ranma with the new blades.

Nabiki's bath disturbed

Nabiki's bath is disturbed by the others crashing into the Dojo.

Meanwhile, Genma (in his panda form) is taking a relaxing walk when he hears a noise and sees that ahead of him, Happosai is being chased by a large group of women thanks to his usual panty raid. Panicking at this sight Genma runs away from the mob as well. Nabiki, however, is still relaxing peacefully in the bath.

Back outside, Ryoga has appeared, and is trying to defeat Ranma as well. Ranma manages to dodge Mousse and Ryoga. The two groups end up meeting each other, resulting in a change in direction so that everyone is running in the same direction. Happosai tells Ranma that he seems to be at work as well, causing Ranma to say that he's not working with him.

Once again at the Dojo, and Nabiki is continuing to enjoy herself in her very tranquil bath. Unfortunately, this tranquillity doesn't last long as the group outside turn out to be running towards the Dojo and end up slamming into it. In the bathroom, all the named characters along with several of the women have broke through the bathroom wall. To keep herself decent, Nabiki has press herself up next to the bath's side while also crossing her arms over her chest. As Happosai is being held back by the others, Nabiki says to herself that she'll never forgive Ranma adding that it was a temporary dream with everything being so peaceful. Nabiki then turns to the camera and asks the audience if they know when peace comes to the Tendo Dojo.

Cast in Order of AppearanceEdit

Please note that an character or form marked with an asterisk (*) only appeared via flashbacks etc during the episode.
Character Name Japanese Voice
Nabiki Tendo Minami Takayama
Shampoo (human, cat*) Rei Sakuma
Ranma Saotome (female)* Megumi Hayashibara
Akane Tendo Noriko Hidaka
Ryoga Hibiki (human, P-chan) Koichi Yamadera
Kasumi Tendo* Kikuko Inoue
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi
Genma Saotome (panda, human) Kenichi Ogata
Mousse (human, duck*) Toshihiko Seki
Kinnii (human, Buddhist Priest)* Takeshi Aono
Ukyo Kuonji* Hiromi Tsuru
Dojo Destroyer (cameo)* N/A
Maomolin (cameo)* N/A
Higuma Torajiro (cameo)* N/A
Genji Heita (cameo)* N/A
Kodachi Kuno* Saeko Shimazu
Soun Tendo* Ryūsuke Ōbayashi
Happosai Ichirō Nagai
Tatewaki Kuno* Hirotaka Suzuoki
Gambling King (cameo)* N/A




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