Hmm... given that the anime and the manga have very different portrayals and characterizations of this character, with the manga character being much more malevolent and outright malicious, perhaps the Personality section should be split into two sections so as to go into detailed discussion/notation of her anime characterization and her manga characterization? This would not be unique, as the Akane page, for example, is currently divided into incomplete Manga History and Anime History sections.

Ranime Codexer 08:20, October 25, 2010 (UTC) Ranime Codexer

shampoo is cutiest characates .

Shampoo's full name is not her full name. Edit

The newspaper in volume 29 part 3 has "新娘子 珊撲" as a caption under Shampoo's portrait. The article takes this to mean "新娘子" is part of her name. It's not -- it means "bride". Compare this with Ranma's portrait next to Shampoo's, which starts with "新郎". That's "groom", not "Saotome". 16:28, January 25, 2018 (UTC)