Anime OST Vol.3 Cover

The soundtrack cover.

Released on June 3rd, 1992, the Strongest Music OST (最強音楽編 Saikyou Ongaku Hen?) album collects several pieces which appeared after Junji Nishimura took over as director towards the end of season five, with sections written by both Kenji Kawai and Akihisa Matsuura. The CD booklet contained with the album also includes a selection of chibi character stickers for almost every character that appeared in the Ranma ½ anime.

Track ListEdit

  1. The Line of Kindness
  2. Nostalgia
  3. A Messenger from the Darkness
  4. The Squeals of an Easily Amused Person
  5. Public Park Where Sunlight Filters Through the Trees
  6. Dining Table of Hopes and Desires
  7. Bad Girl's Invitation
  8. Sad Love
  9. A Happening by the Sea
  10. The Last Lesson
  11. Challenge Again
  12. A Movie-Like Story
  13. Easily Amused, Again

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