The Spicy Incense is an incense which Cologne used as a last resort to try and wake Akane, who was under the effect of the Incense of Spring Sleep. According to her anyone who smells it will instantly awaken, no matter how deep a sleep they are in.

After failing to get Akane to inhale the incense it was decided that the only way to get Akane to do so was by mouth-to-mouth. This caused Happosai, Tatewaki Kuno, Hikaru Gosunkugi and Ryoga Hibiki to inhale the incense in order to try and steal a kiss from Akane and disguise it as waking her from her sleep. However, the four of them fell ill to the side effect of the Spicy Incense and became obsessed with trying to kiss Akane. This caused Mousse to allow Ranma Saotome to use the True Love Incense so the four would be distracted with each other long enough for Ranma to tie them up.

The Spicy Incense coil was ultimately destroyed when a tetsubin fell on the burner it was placed in after Ranma had accidentally swallowed the incense when he was put under pressure to kiss Akane.

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