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Shampoo mows down Ranma - OVA 13

Shampoo running over Ranma with her bike.

Shampoo has a bicycle that she uses to run deliveries for the Cat Café, a task that Mousse is not entrusted with due to his terrible eyesight and propensity to make mistakes as a result. She also frequently uses it to run over Ranma Saotome during her deliveries. Although appearing in both the anime and manga, this gag is much more common in the latter.

Almost nothing is known about the bike itself save that it appears to be a pink single-speed bicycle with a basket in front. However it can be assumed that Shampoo bought it after she relocated to Furinkan and started the Cat Café with Cologne and her father in order to do the deliveries. She has demonstrated the ability to to literally bounce across the city with the bike, but does not otherwise use it for non-delivery related matters.

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