Sarugakure Village is a location that only appears in the anime, and is only mentioned in the season seven episode A Ninja's Dog is Black and White. Hidden deep in the mountains, this village is an ancient training ground for ninjas and ninken (ninja dogs), a firm believer in tradition and harsh discipline. Sometimes, members of the village are unable to bear the harshness of the training and attempt to escape; the village will not tolerate this and teams of ninja or ninken are sent out to catch the escapee and bring him or her back to the village by whatever means possible.

It is possible that the village requires its members forsake any semblance of a last name except that of the village, in order to further bind their loyalties to it.

"Sarugakure" means, roughly speaking, "Hidden Monkey".

Notable members of Sarugakure Village:
Sasuke Sarugakure - a seventeeth generation trainee of the village and its traditions, currently taking up the family duty and serving on the Kuno Estate.
Shirokuro - a rogue ninken who fled the village and, thanks to the help of Ryoga Hibiki and Sasuke's own kindness, is no longer being pursued.

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