The Saotome family ancestors are the unnamed ancestors of Genma and Ranma Saotome. They are buried in a cemetery near the seaside away from Furinkan.

During the summer, Genma and Ranma went to their ancestors' grave to perform a ritual to prove Ranma's manliness. To do so he needed to punch the tomb with all his strength. However after striking it, the front of the tomb opped out, giving Ranma a quick uppercut before flinging the other parts of itself at him with the headstone itself falling onto him. As it turns out, it was actually a trap that the ancestors placed to keep their future descendants from stealing the family heirloom, which Genma wanted to pawn for money. Nodoka, who was also visiting that same day, had the key to unlock a drawer containing it. After stealing the box containing the heirloom, Genma took it to a pawn shop, but the ancestors had already pawned it.

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