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Saffron's Chamberlain, referred to once as Jeeves in Viz Media's translation, is an elderly man who seems to be the closest person to Saffron. Other than Saffron, he is the only other person of authority who the Phoenix People, including Kiima, defer to, making him more than just a servant to Saffron.


Like the other Phoenix People, the chamberlain is a human-bird hybrid, specifically a pheasant. His position is not explicitly stated, but is implied, as he is shown approaching Saffron when he is in the bath and within his bedchamber, as well as presenting Kiima, Koruma and Masara to Saffron after they recover the Jusenkyo map. The chamberlain tries various measures to ease Saffron’s longing for a hot spring when he is in Mount Phoenix that are well-intended, but end up irritating Saffron, such as using chalk dust from an eraser and cooking fish in Saffron’s bedchamber to remind him of the steam.

The chamberlain is the only person who knows how to reveal the true Jusenkyo map and that the various entrances that lead into Jusendo are largely traps. He also guides Saffron through his transformation process. The chamberlain’s age and knowledge of what this process fully entails imply that he fulfilled this function to previous rulers of Mount Phoenix, as none of the other Phoenix people recognize the potential threat to them when Saffron begins his transformation or the implications of Saffron’s premature hatching, as he does not have his heat regulating ability yet. The chamberlain tries to have Masara and Koruma retrieve the Kinjakan for Saffron, but his method of choosing who does so, by having them play janken, annoys them and they throw him at it. One of Kiima’s attacks frees it however, before he can get to it. Following Ranma’s battle with Saffron and the altering of the underground water vein beneath Jusendo, the chamberlain realizes that the battle’s outcome actually benefits Mount Phoenix, enabling the Phoenix People to live in peace and leave things as they are without having to go through the same process again of disrupting the Jusendo water for Saffron's transformation in the future. Curiously Herb's vizier looked quite similar from behind.

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