Ryoga's father on phone

Ryoga on the phone with his father.

Like their son, Ryoga Hibiki's parents also lack a sense of direction and have never been seen in person in either the anime or the manga. The few times Ryoga's mother manages to make her way home, she usually leaves her son something to eat in the kitchen, but by the time he gets home it has already spoiled. She also sets traps in case of burglars. An example would be the numerous pots and pans that were dropped on Ryoga and Akari Unryu's heads during Akane Tendo's visit[1]. Ryoga's father usually calls to see if Ryoga or his wife are at home. He was also the one who told Ryoga he did not have a sister when Ranma Saotome posed as one, using false fangs as a disguise[2]. This was possibly the first time that the two had spoken in years.


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