Quit Carping (悲痛・コイの暴走 Hitsu koi no boso?) is the 244th chapter of the manga it is also the third and final chapter of the Fishing Pole of Love Arc.

Ryoga starts digging Ranma's grave, but when Ranma tells him she will let him kill her if it will make him happy, Ryoga realizes he can not fight a helpless foe. Then Ranma kisses him and he decides that he can do whatever it takes to get rid of Ranma. Akane finds them at Furinkan High and gets the wrong idea about Ryoga wanting to date Ranma.

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Ryoga busily digs Ranma's grave whilst thinking about how, once Ranma's out of the picture, nothing can come between him and Akane being together. Just then Ranma appears and hugs her "husband-to-be" before getting a bit too frisky about being all alone with nobody around to hear them. Eventually, Ryoga knocks Ranma to the ground with his shovel. He then continues to tell Ranma not to struggle as it will hurt less that way.

Ryoga can't kill Ranma - Quit Carping

Ryoga can't bring himself to kill the defenceless Ranma.

Having quickly recovered, Ranma asks Ryoga if this means he doesn't like her, to which Ryoga replies by telling Ranma that he'd rather consume raw sewage than be with her. Seeing how Ryoga views her, Ranma calmly tells Ryoga that offers herself to be killed by Ryoga if that makes him happy. Ryoga is obviously confused by this, so Ranma explains that she loves Ryoga so much that she'll even die for him. As Ranma sits in silence with her face away from Ryoga, Ryoga struggles to bring himself to kill Ranma and soon gives in as he can't bring himself to kill a defenceless person.

Ranma, having heard Ryoga, turns around and kisses him on the cheek whilst commenting how she loves it when Ryoga acts so noble. As Ranma begins to talk about her relationship, Ryoga decides that he's changed his mind and warns Ranma to prepare to die.

Akane ArrivesEdit

Meanwhile, Akane (whilst carrying Ryoga's Fishing Pole of Love) continues her search for Ranma and Ryoga. As she passes Furinkan High School, Akane hears the voices of Ranma and Ryoga, and, sure enough, when she looks over the fence notices the two of them (what she believes to be) playing around. Akane then watches as Ryoga corners Ranma to prepare to kill her. She (Akane) then intervenes as she believes their "game of love" has gone far enough.

Ryoga is shocked that Akane was able to track them since he thought they were hundreds of miles away from the Tendo Dojo, prompting Akane to tell Ryoga where he actually is. Akane then desperately tries to explain to Ryoga that Ranma doesn't really love him and it's all because of the Fishing Pole. Whilst Ryoga obviously knows about the Fishing Pole, this is the first time she's heard about it so after reading the instruction manual, Ranma tries to use the Fishing Pole of Ryoga so that he'll love her back.

Ranma begins launching the Fishing Pole at Ryoga, but Akane intervenes by hitting Ranma with a shovel. This angers Ranma greatly who kicks Akane to the ground whilst demanding she stays out of her way. As Akane looks at Ranma she notices the intense hatred in Ranma's eyes, but can't tell if it's part of the spell of the Fishing Pole of Love, or Ranma's actual hatred towards her.

Running from RanmaEdit

Ranma attacks Akane - Quit Carping

Akane tries to stop Ranma, but gets attacked herself.

Before Ranma can do anything else to Akane, Ryoga steps in and kicks Ranma to the floor before proceeding to run off whilst carrying Akane in his arms. Luckily, Ryoga is able to give Ranma the slip, allowing him and Akane to hide behind a tree. As they hide, Ryoga apologises to Akane as he had no idea things would end up this bad. This prompts Akane to ask Ryoga why, out of everyone he knows, did her pick Ranma, to which Ryoga can't bring himself to reply so punches the tree behind him in frustration before telling Akane that he's going to settle things with Ranma and hopes she can one day understand his motives.

Ryoga then comes out of hiding and calls to Ranma to come and face him. Sure enough Ranma appears and tries to attack Ryoga with the Fishing Pole of Love, but Ryoga manages to dodge it. Ranma then comments on how Ryoga's acting like he doesn't want to get hooked, causing Ryoga to retort that he's getting tired of running after Ranma then running from her. He continues by declaring that this will the last time they fight and if he wins Ranma has to agree to give up this idiotic idea of loving him.

Carp marked ripped off - Quit Carping

Ryoga punches Ranma, ripping off the Carp mark in the process.

Ranma agrees and the pair begin to fight each other, with Ranma seemingly having the upper-hand. After managing to kick Ryoga, Ranma goes in with the Fishing Pole, but Ryoga manages to use his bandana to deflect the line back at Ranma, causing the suction cup to land back on Ranma's chest. He then punches Ranma into the air, but when Ryoga catches the Fishing Pole he notices the suction cup pulled off Ranma's Carp mark from Ranma's breast. As the mark fades, Ryoga becomes overjoyed that Ranma is finally free from the spell of the Fishing Pole.

Meanwhile, Akane (who's still hiding by the tree) begins thinking that their must be something deeper going on. As she thinks about what Ryoga said earlier, Ranma lands on the other side of the tree, just then Ryoga returns and declares his love to Akane. Unfortunately, when Ryoga looks at who's hugging (and believed it to be Akane), he notices that they have a pigtail. Ryoga is then beaten up by the angered Ranma as Akane looks on in confusion.

Some time later at the Tendo Dojo, Akane (who's holding a rather upset P-chan) comments on how, while she's glad Ryoga can love another person, she'll never understand how he tries to express his love. Ranma then adds that if Ryoga tells him he loves him a second time he'll hurt him ten times worse than before, to which Nabiki adds that she thought Ryoga was just a normal boy with no sense of direction, but guesses that he wasn't trying to impress Akane after all.

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