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The Principal Kuno Intro Arcis the 26th story arc covered in the Ranma ½ manga, spanning six chapters. This arc was included in volume 12 of the Weekly Shōnen Sunday tankōbon and volume 10 of the Viz Media tankōbon.

Plot Summary Edit

When a strange man is found running around the school, Ranma reveals it to be the principal who has just returned from United States[1]. He announces that all male students must get a buzz cut and all female students must get a bowl cut. To prevent this, students must acquire a special coconut with a pardon inside[1].

While searching for the coconut students find that the principal's office transformed into a jungle. Akane starts opening all the coconuts in the office but find that none of them contain the pardon. Meanwhile, Ranma is told that Principal's son has been missing for three years[2]. Ranma learns that Tatewaki Kuno is the missing son and reunites them[3]. The Principal tells the students that the location of the coconut can be revealed by a map on Kuno's head[3].

They attempt to shave Kuno's head to find where the coconut is, but Akane convinces them otherwise. Ranma fails to convince Kuno to shave his own head, and decides to chase the Principal to a remote hut[4]. Once at the hut, Ranma is briefly incapacitated when Principal knocks him out with the pardon coconut[4].

The tied up Ranma tries to defeat the Principal without getting caught in his shears. Ranma manages to dodge Principal Kuno's shearing techniques and hit him from below, defeating him. Principal agrees that the haircut policy will not be implemented[5]. Soon after, he announces that boys now must get topknots while girls now must get geisha cuts. He is then beaten and bandaged[5].

Later, the Principal announces that anybody coming in late must clean the bathrooms for a week. He also does everything he can to prevent them from entering the school[6]. Ranma manages to enter the school before the bell and make the Principal step outside, making him tardy. The Principal uses this opportunity to close the bathrooms while he cleans[6].

Chapters Covered Edit

Image Chapter Number Arc Number English Chapter Name Japanese Chapter Name Anime Counterpart(s)
The Return of the Principal
(Kaette kita kocho)
The Return of the Hawaiian Headmaster from Hell
Journey into the Principal's Office
(Boken! kocho shitsu)
The Return of the Hawaiian Headmaster from Hell
The Principal of the Thing
(Kocho no musuko)
The Return of the Hawaiian Headmaster from Hell
Me is Kuno's Daddy, Me is
One Hairy Day
(Minna kiki ippatsu)
The Return of the Hawaiian Headmaster from Hell
Shear Folly
(Ippatsu gyakuten)
The Return of the Hawaiian Headmaster from Hell
Gonna Make You Tardy!
(Chikoku sasema su)
Enter Kuno, the Night-Prowling Knight

Major Events Edit

  • Introduction of the Principal of Furinkan High School; he is revealed to be the father of Tatewaki Kuno and a major annoyance to students through bizarre rules and harsh punishments.

Characters Introduced Edit

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