The Poison-Crushing Shield (破毒盾 Yabu Doku Tate?) was a shield from the Joketsuzoku village that could repel any poison. It was a small shield displaying the character for "Break" ( Yabu?) encircled by a plant design. However it was vulnerable to ordinary medications.

Manga historyEdit

Cologne gave the shield to Ranma Saotome along with the Poison-Slicing Sword to rescue Shampoo after she had been captured by Pink & Link. After the twins revealed that they were holding Shampoo atop a flow at the end of a massive vine, Ranma began to climb the vine. He tried to use the sword when sprouts on the stalk released their poison at him, but the sword pulled itself back, forcing him to use the shield to block the poison. He was able to block two attempts by the twins when he reached the flower to blow poison at him, but they also recognised the shield. Link then poured some stomach, eye, and cold medicine onto it and the shield shattered, revealing its vulnerability.

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