The phoenix growth pill scroll contains the recipe to make special growth pills that will cause the Legendary Phoenix to mature at a much faster rate and leave the nest earlier than the 100 years it would normally take if nothing is done. It does not exist in the manga as the pills were sold under the brand name Phoenix-Gro.

Anime historyEdit

The owner of the Antique Shop Yamatai reveals that the phoenix’s imprinting attack behavior will stop when it leaves the nest. However when he mentions that this will take 100 years, Ranma Saotome pulls him into the Tendo Dojo downstairs bath and jumps on him. The owner then reveals that he has the recipe for making the growth pills in a scroll. His initial asking price is one million yen, but after six of the characters stomp on him he drops it to 100 yen. Akane Tendo then grabs the scroll and takes a crack at making the pills, but it comes out as useless orange syrup. Sasuke Sarugakure later approaches Ukyo Kuonji and Shampoo to make two separate batches of the pills. He is not shown with the scroll, but the batches that are made do work, so both girls somehow got the recipe.

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