The Paper Doll Salesman (紙人形 の 行商人 Kamihitokata no gyōshōnin?) is an unnamed character who, whilst visiting Furinkan, sees Gosunkugi's attempts to get Akane to notice him more. Feeling sorry for poor Gosunkugi, the Salesman decides to sell him some magic paper dolls which will force the person who they're placed on to do whatever is written on the doll. Gosunkugi is initially skeptical of the claim, so decides to test the one of the dolls of the salesman; with a command that he get the dolls for free. Wise to this kind of deception, however, the Salesman prepares his own doll which would command Gosunkugi to pay 10,000¥ for the dolls. The pair then begin a frantic fight to place their doll of the other person first, attracting a large crowd in the process, until Gosunkugi eventually agrees to buy the dolls for 5,000¥.

The salesman makes a cameo in Tendo Family Christmas Scramble, even though he (presumably) hasn't met the Tendos.

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