Taro's lair - anime

Pantyhose's lair in the anime.

Pantyhose Taro's Lair is a dilapidated shack atop a coastal cliff called "Crow's Peak", which he uses as a hideout during his introductory story. Out of the way and run-down, it is a perfect hideout not just because of its defensible position, but because the mountain it is positioned on is riddled with underground streams of fairly high pressure. Crack the rock just about anywhere, and cold water will come shooting out, sometimes with enough force to carry people away. This makes the area perfect for Pantyhose Taro to fight on, as he can simply crack the rock (or be hit against it hard enough to crack the rock) and thusly be drenched and assume his far more formidable alternate form, as well as making it a death-trap for most other victims of Jusenkyo, who assume much weaker forms when doused with cold water. Taro has taken further advantage of this by riddling the mountain with boobytraps, typically designed to take advantage of the abundant cold water.

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