One Hairy Day (みんな危機一髪 Minna kiki ippatsu?) is the 117th chapter of the manga and the fourth chapter of the Principal Kuno Intro Arc.

All the students chase after Kuno trying to shave his head so they can find the coconut, but Akane feels bad about they way they are treating him. Ranma decides to change into the Pigtailed Girl and asks Kuno to shave his head on his own, but that does not work either.

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Knowing that the map to the pardon Coconut is scribbled on the back of Kuno's head, the male students that their objective is clear and that they must shave the hair of Kuno in order to spare themselves from getting Buzz cuts.

Kuno appears - One Hairy Day

Kuno asks the other students if they think he can't hear what they're planning.

At that moment Kuno emerges and darkly asks them if they thought he was deaf. The male students quickly move in to attack Kuno, but he swiftly defeats all the other students. From atop a nearby tree, Ranma decides that this looks like a job for him, however, Akane feels slightly sorry for Kuno having to have all his hair shaved off for their benefit. At that moment, Kuno hugs Akane, overjoyed that she cares so deeply for him. Kuno continues by declaring that he will go out on a date with her, but Akane angrily shoves Kuno away.

This scene prompts Ranma to ask Akane is she still feels sorry for Kuno, to which Akane replies that she somehow still does. Ranma then decides that it is kind of cruel of them. Akane agrees, unless they can get him to agree somehow...

Ranma's AttemptEdit

Ranma's plan - One Hairy Day

Ranma asks Kuno to shave his hair as she finds it attractive.

Some time passes and comes up with a plan to have Kuno shave his own hair, by turning into the pigtailed-girl! After changing into his female form and putting on an attractive outfit, Ranma presents Kuno with a gift of a pair of barber shears. When Kuno questions her about the gift, Ranma tells him that she finds a shaved head an extreme turn-on. As the other students look on and note Ranma's genius of making Kuno shave his own hair, Kuno falls on his knee and begrudgingly tells his pigtailed-girl to forgive him, but he cannot shave his own hair.

Ranma pretends to be torn up about this and comments on how, ever since she first met him, she's dreamed of adoring his naked scalp. She continues by talking about how she would go everywhere with him. Kuno, however, becomes over excited by imaging himself going all the way with his pigtailed-girl and grabs Ranma, only to be kicked by Ranma and rendered unconscious.

The Principal Strikes AgainEdit

As Ranma turns back into his male form, the other students attempt to take advantage of Kuno being unconscious and turn him over so they can shave his hair. However, Akane stops them by reminding everyone that Kuno hasn't agreed. She continues by also reminding them that they've forgotten their true enemy, the Principal!

Angry Kuno - One Hairy Day

The students pretend that Kuno gives them permission to shave his hair, much to Kuno's anger.

The students then realise how foolish they were for turning against themselves and begin beseeching the still unconscious Kuno to forgive them. As Kuno lies unconscious, Hiroshi and Daisuke begin putting words in Kuno's mouth by acting as if he's consenting to have his head shaved if it spares everyone else. They continue by attempting to proceed to shave Kuno's hair, but unfortunately he awakes just in time and begins threatening them for what they just tried to do.

Before Kuno has chance to do anything else, however, the group is attacked by trained Lobsters who target hair. As the students fend off the Lobsters, a giant one appears and Ranma decides he'd best deal with it, but when he goes to attack the giant Lobster, Ranma is subjected to a smoke attack and quickly ends up stuck inside the Lobster's claw. Inside the claw, Ranma notices that the Principal was hiding inside the whole time. Realising he's been found out, the Principal runs away in his Lobster costume with Ranma in hot pursuit.

Ranma hit with Coconut

The Principal hits Ranma with the pardon Coconut in order to stop Ranma hitting him.

After chasing the Principal, Ranma arrives at a small hut. As he looks around, Ranma notices a statue of the Principal and pretends the Principal's left, before attacking the Principal (who was pretending to be the statue) for thinking he'd fall for such a simple trick. Ranma then grabs the Principal by the scruff of his shirt and tells him that playtime's over. The Principal panics and declares he knows where the Coconut is, but Ranma tells him he doesn't want it anymore. Ranma then proceeds to crack his knuckles before going in to punch the Principal (whilst telling himself that he should've done this before).

However, just before Ranma's punch connects, the Principal pulls a rope which released the pardon Coconut and it lands squarely on Ranma's head. With Ranma temporarily out-of-action, the Principal ties Ranma upside down and declares that he'll be buzz cut student NO#1! The dazed Ranma, meanwhile, manages to mutter the words "never... give... uuuuup...".

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