Occhan (おっちゃん Ōcchan?) is Ukyo Kuonji's friend and a fellow okonomiyaki chef who runs Okonomiyaki Heracles, which is also in Furinkan.


A skinny, middle aged man, Occhan's most distinguishing feature is his large bald head, which is shaped like a spatula.

He obtained the legendary Cursed Spatula, which only a true okonomiyaki master could wield it. However he failed and suffered the curse's wrath, having to call on Ukyo for help. Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo accompanied Ukyo to his restaurant where they found him passed out and holding the spatula on a pillow. After Ranma picked the spatula up, Occhan belatedly warned him not pick it up before fainting again, although he warned that it would never leave his hand until he mastered it. After several attempts despite the spatula blasting out intense heat rays, Occhan was able to mention that starch had to be used, which turned out to be laundry starch. After the spatula was used as an iron, it came off.

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Occhan at the Ranma ½ Perfect Edition

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