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The Neko-Ken Arc is the eighth story arc covered in the Ranma ½ manga, spanning five chapters. It was included across volume 4 of the Viz Media publication and in volume 5 of the Weekly Shōnen Sunday publication.

Plot SummaryEdit

Determined to find his rival's weakness, Kuno hires the quiet Hikaru Gosunkugi to tail Ranma in the hope of finally discovering what his weakness is. Despite initially failing[1] Gosunkugi eventually learns of Ranma's ailurophobia which he got after his father attempted to teach him Nekoken.[2] With this knowledge in hand, Gosunkugi devices a plan to lead Ranma to the basement of Furinkan High where he has placed a large number of domestic cats and even a Tiger.[3]

Unfortunately when Ranma falls for Gosunkugi's plan the true terror of the Nekoken is revealed, which results in Ranma's mentality to be reduced to that of a wild cat.[3][4] With Ranma now seemingly unstoppable, Akane and Genma do their best to try and get him back to his normal self. Fortunately Ranma jumps onto Akane's lap, where he starts to calm down, but not before nudging his head against Akane almost as if they were kissing.[4]

The news of Ranma and Akane "kissing" quickly reaches the ears of Ranma's infuriated rivals. Once he arrives at Dr. Tofu's Clinic, Ranma argues with Akane over what happened the day before, made worse by Ranma declaring he would've kissed anyone when using the Nekoken. Upon returning home Ranma decides to take a bath when a suddenly a cat walks in. Terrified, Ranma falls into the bath followed by the cat which remerges as Shampoo.[5]

Chapters CoveredEdit

Image Chapter Number Arc Number English Chapter Name Japanese Chapter Name Anime Counterpart(s)
Looking for a Weak Spot
(Jakuten sagashi)
You Really Do Hate Cats!
Weak Spot - Found!
(Jakuten mitsuketa)
You Really Do Hate Cats!
Cat Hell
(Neko jigoku e no shotai)
You Really Do Hate Cats!
(Neko-ken panikku)
You Really Do Hate Cats!
You'd Have Kissed Anybody?
(Dare demo yokatta no)
This Ol' Gal's the Leader of the Amazon Tribe!

Major EventsEdit

  • Kuno hires Gosunkugi to find Ranma's weak point.
  • Ranma is revealed to suffer from Ailurophobia.
  • While using his Nekoken, Ranma kisses Akane in front of the whole student body.
  • Shampoo returns from Japan, now with her own Jusenkyo curse.

Characters IntroducedEdit


See AlsoEdit

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