Negative Feelings (ネバー ギブアップ Neba gibuappu?) is the 82nd chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Akane vs Kodachi - Cookie Battle Arc.

Ranma grabs up all the photos Kodachi had left around town and eats them. He soon realizes that he's going to have to destroy the negative if he hopes to get rid of the hundreds of copies Kodachi has made. He asks Kodachi to feed him the negative, and she takes him home where Tatewaki is waiting.

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Continuing from the Previous ChapterEdit

Ranma eats pictures - Negative Feelings

Ranma quickly grabs and consumes Kodachi's pictures before anyone else can see them.

Kodachi is stood upon a wall in a rather lavish Kimono, waiting for Ranma to come to her. As Kodachi's anticipation grows she remembers back to the event which took place earlier and can no longer contain herself, so she begins throwing a basket full copies of the photograph of Ranma lying on top of her over the people below.

However, no sooner as she begins throwing the photographs, Ranma appears, grabs every single photograph Kodachi threw and eats them. Kodachi is slightly set aback by Ranma eating the photographs, but has pliantly of copies so tells Ranma to eat as many as he wants. Ranma quickly realises that he can't eat all of these pictures, so tells Kodachi that he should eat the real thing, i.e. the original negative of the photograph. He continues by asking Kodachi if she'll serve it up to him, which Kodachi more than happily accepts.

To the Kuno EstateEdit

A little time later, Tatewaki is training within the grounds of the Kuno Estate when he notices Ranma walking with Kodachi. Tatewaki immediately attacks Ranma, but just ends up having Ranma lightly kick him on the face. Tatewaki continues by asking Ranma why he's here, to which Kodachi explains that she invited him here. This causes Tatewaki to believe that Ranma has given up of their "love rivalry" over Akane, he then imagines himself living happily with Akane while Ranma and Kodachi become poverty stricken with multiple young children, causing Ranma to being reduced to drinking continuously.

In order to stop Tatewaki's fantasising, Ranma kicks him again and explains that he's only here so Kodachi can feed him something. Unfortunately, Akane suddenly appears and heard what Ranma just said and asks him if this means Kodachi has something hanging over him. Tatewaki quickly recovers and grabs Akane's hands while noting that he knew that Akane would come to him knowing she's his now, but Akane simply says that she has no idea what he's talking about.

Ranma eats more pictures - Negative Feelings

Ranma tries to get Akane to leave, but she goes to see Kuno's room instead.

Just then Kodachi comes out with a platter full of copies of the photograph, in order to stop Akane seeing the picture, Ranma hastily eats all the copies yet again. Kodachi sees this as a sign that Ranma has become a willing slave to her cooking. One copy of the picture nearly gets grabbed by Akane, but Ranma takes it off her and eats it as well. Ranma then tries to tell Akane to just get out of here, but she's already agreed to go and Tatewaki's room with him.

As Akane walks off with Tatewaki she looks back at Ranma and thinks to herself about how whatever is in that picture is either good or bad so doesn't get how Ranma thinks she can just go home.

Searching for the NegativeEdit

A little later in the Kuno kitchen, Kodachi asks Ranma to go and fetch the negative for her. Ranma gladly agrees and is told by Kodachi that the negative can be found on the collar of Mr. Green Turtle, who can be found living in the pond. Knowing this, Ranma quickly heads for the pond to retrieve the collar, but is shocked when he learns that "Mr. Green Turtle" is actually a large alligator. Back in the kitchen, Kuno and Kodachi hear Ranma screaming, but Kodachi is sure that Ranma is more than man enough to deal with Mr. Green Turtle.

Meanwhile, Ranma has managed to get an advantage over Mr. Green Turtle and takes his collar. The other people around the Kuno Estate then Ranma scream again and Kodachi wonders if she remembered to tell Ranma that removing the collar would send a high-voltage shock though it.

Ranma tries to take collar - Negative Feelings

Ranma tries to get the collar off Kuno, but just gets electrocuted.

The Kuno siblings then go to see how Ranma did, but they find the pigtailed girl in the pond instead of Ranma. As Tatewaki takes his pigtailed girl out of the pond (who's holding tightly to the collar), Kodachi wonders where her darling Ranma went.

Ranma soon goes round in Kuno's room. Kuno is very happy with the "gift" that Ranma brought him, which Ranma soon learns is Mr. Green Turtle's collar which Kuno has started wearing as a belt. Ranma immediately tries to grab the collar, but both her and Kuno are objected to an electric shock. Kuno then comments on the electricity he can feel between the two of them, Ranma angrily thinks about how the collar will be hers. Kodachi, meanwhile, thinks to herself that no matter where her darling Ranma may be, as long as she has the negative he cannot escape.

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  • When Tatewaki imagines Ranma and Kodachi's future together, Kodachi can be seen making paper Roses, which low income Japanese sometimes do as a way to make a small extra wage.


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