Natsuhiko is a minor manga-only character featured in the chapters Demon Dog of the Sea and Compliment Me! He is a bald, aging man and the proprietor of the Inn by the Sea. Natsuhiko appears to always have his eyes and mouth wide open.

Manga Biography Edit

When he was much younger, Natsuhiko dated the original owner of the cursed bathingsuit, and now the suit desperately seeks a kind word from him. However, due to his aging, he was not recognizable to the cursed bathing suit, and rejected the compliment.

When Tatewaki Kuno comes to the inn, it is discovered that Natsuhiko's younger self looked very much like Tatewaki, and the bathing suit desired a compliment from him instead. After the ordeal is over, he and Natsuhiko both try to convince Ranma to try on different bathing suits.

External LinkEdit

Natsuhiko at the Ranma ½ Perfect Edition

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