Ongaku no Tejin cover

The soundtrack cover.

Released on December 10, 1995, the Music Ironman Collection (音楽の鉄人編 Ongaku no Tetsujin Hen?) album contains some of the previously uncollected along with extended versions of other works created by the three musical directors of the Ranma ½ anime, Hideharu Mori, Kenji Kawai and Akihisa Matsuura.

Track ListEdit

Hideharu Mori Extended VerisionEdit

Hideharu Mori Unpublished SongsEdit

Kenji Kawai Extended VersionEdit

Kenji Kawai Unpublished SongsEdit

Akihisa Matsuura Extended VersionEdit

Akihisa Matsuura Unpublished SongsEdit

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