Love Panic (恋だ! パニック Koi da! Panic!?) is the first opening theme song for the first six episodes of the OVA series. It is performed by YAWMIN, with an English version performed by Connie Lavigne, which was released by Viz Media.



yoku hareta nichiyoubi
oshare o shite o-dekake
iwanai wa ienai wa
anata ga suki nante

kirawaretakunai no ni
sunao ni narenai dake
yasashisa ni amaechau
seikaku naosanakya

douse kitto watashi guuzen yosootte
"nani shitenno?" nante iisou
dakedo kyou wa sora mo umi no aosa de
futto sunao ni naresou

uke-tomete hoshii no yo Kiss wo*
yume no naka de ii
dakishimete hoshii no ni watashi
egao umakunai no

"kawaikunee" da nante
urusai wa yo hontou ni
iwanai wa ienai wa
anata ga sono ki nara

bukiyou de namaiki de
usotsuki demo suki na no
ijiwaru wa uragaeshi
otagai kizuiteru

douse kitto anata ai mo kawarazu
ki no nai soburi dake suru no
dakedo kyou wa watashi fushigi-na chikara de
kaete mitai futari o....

uke-tomete agetai no Kiss wo**
ai ga afure-dasu
dakishimete agetakute watashi
motto yasashiku suru

* Repeat
** Repeat

All dressed up to go out on a Sunday
Sky is blue, sun is bright, it's a date day
Not gonna say it, can't make me say it
No way gonna let you have your way.

Even though I don't want you to hate me
When you say "It's okay" and look at me
The love don't phase me it's the word that's crazy
It's something that I gotta work on.

You know here's how it goes, you and me we'd meet on the street
and then
I'd say "Outta my way!" I don't know how you can confuse me so
But hey, maybe today with the waves so blue I can be true with you
Who knows? Maybe I'll say the word love...

Gonna kiss you now, hold you now, this is love we've found
Even if it's just in my dreams
Come on hold me now, real tight now, let me show you how
Fine I say, have your way, I love you

Come on kiss me now, no words now, it's just us for now
Even I don't know why I want you
Gonna hold you now, all right now, it don't matter how
Don't you see it's just me, I need you

Come on hold me now, real tight now, let me show you how
Fine I say, have your way, I love you



After the Ranma ½ logo sequence, Akane Tendo is shown on a sunny day wearing a white summer dress and hat. As she is showing falling through water, breath bubbles released from her mouth display Soun Tendo and Genma Saotome in his panda form, Shampoo and Mousse, Kasumi, Ukyo Kuonji and Ryoga Hibiki, Nabiki, child Hinako Ninomiya and Happosai, and Tatewaki and Kodachi Kuno. Shown from the side, when Akane opens her eyes, she sees Ranma Saotome in his female form as a mirror image. Both are then inverted and walk towards each other.

Akane then realizes that male Ranma is standing behind her and they are shown to be by a river. As Akane smiles and stands up, the wind blows her hat away. Ranma then offers her a flower which she accepts and her eyes dance. However he then notices that they have an audience. Shampoo, Ukyo, Ryoga, Kodachi, and Kuno are mad, while Mousse is puzzled and Genma and Soun are cheering him on. Ranma tries to back away and dodges thrown spatulas and Kodachi's ribbon, but a chúi hits him in the head and he falls into the river. After the title appears again, a painting of an embarrassed Ranma sitting in the river and Akane laughing at her are shown before Akane's hat is revealed to have landed in the river.

Japanese Anime OpeningEdit

Ranma 1 2 - Love Panic!01:28

Ranma 1 2 - Love Panic!

English Anime OpeningEdit

Ranma ½, Love Panic (English, With Credits)01:30

Ranma ½, Love Panic (English, With Credits).avi

Full Japanese VersionEdit

Ranma 1 2 OVA Opening 1 - Love Panic - Yawmin FULL03:52

Ranma 1 2 OVA Opening 1 - Love Panic - Yawmin FULL

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