Manga Only CharactersEdit

The following Ranma ½ minor characters appear only in the manga and are listed alphabetically.

Note: Japanese names are in the Western order (given name, then family name).

Kotetsu, Koume, and KoedaEdit

Kotetsu, Koume and Koeda

Konatsu's hideous, big lipped step family

They are Konatsu's hideous, big lipped step family and they were in charge of the Sexy Kunoichi Tea Shop before Happosai destroyed it. Kotetsu is Konatsu's diminutive step mother, she has a Hitler moustache and is always smoking a Cuban cigar. Koeda is Konatsu's skinny, flat chested sister, she always has a flower lotus in her hair and she has a soup bowl hair cut. Koume is Konatsu's bald, overweight, noseless sister, she always wears sunglasses and wears two flowers on her head, like her mother and sister her lips are huge but unlike the other two her mouth is also gigantic with enough room to fit both Ukyo and Akane.

Manga and anime charactersEdit

Satsuki Miyako-ōjiEdit

In the manga, she is the heir to the House of Miyako-ōji and fiancée of Sentarō Daimonji. Satsuki is a user of the martial arts style of tea ceremony and was declared Miss Tea Ceremony in 1993. She was engaged to Sentarō by her grandmother, but due to her extreme shyness was unable to meet him in person, so instead she sent her pet monkey Sanae to pretend to be her. After much conflict between Ranma, Sentarō and Sanae, she revealed herself and Sentarō became smitten with her, so they agreed to marry.

In the anime, she is still the heir to the House of Miyako-ōji which is a rival school to Sentarō Daimonji's school. When the two groups start feuding again, it is decided that Sentarō should challenge Satsuki to a martial arts tea match, but instead they fall in love at seeing each other and agree to marry.

Satsuki, in the anime, is shown to normally speak so softly that most can't hear her, Kasumi being one of the few that can. However, she can speak more audibly if necessary. Her voice actress are Momoko Ishii (Japanese) and Jocelyn Loewen (English).

Miyako-ōji (都大路) means "main thoroughfare of the metropolis", and Satsuki (茶月) means "tea moon".


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