Konatsu's secret scroll is a scroll in which he confessed his love for Ukyo Kuonji. It has the character 秘 (hi?) written on the exterior, which is the first character of "secret" (秘密 himitsu?).

Manga historyEdit

Konatsu was not shown writing in the scroll and would have begun it after Ukyo took pity on him and he began living and working at Okonomiyaki Ucchan's. His stepfamily somehow got ahold of the scroll, most likely by stealing it from Ucchan's. After they kidnapped Ukyo, Kotetsu threatened to reveal its contents when Konatsu was so furious at his stepfamily that he disowned them. Ranma Saotome briefly got the scroll before Konatsu snatched it away as its contents were too embarrassing for him to reveal even just to Ukyo herself. After Koeda was able to steal it back, Akane Tendo used it to knock her out after taking it from Kotetsu. She read the scroll when Ukyo mentioned what it was and later Ranma was able to read it after Akane told him that Konatsu was in love with Ukyo. They were thus shocked when they saw Konatsu hug Ukyo for longer than normal, as they still thought that he was a woman. After Konatsu decided to rebel against his stepfamily when Ukyo told him to return to work and his true gender was revealed, the scroll is not mentioned again. However Ukyo did learn that Konatsu is love in with her and exploits this by having him work twice the hours with no pay.

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