Kolhotz exterior - manga

The school's exterior in the manga.

Kolhotz High School, sometimes referred to as Kolkhoz High School, is a high school somewhere in the Nerima area. It is a mixed genders high school noted for being attended by the local area's teenaged masters of Martial Arts Figure Skating, Mikado Sanzenin and Azusa Shiratori. Apart from the fact that the Charlotte Cup was held there to decide ownership of P-chan, that it has a fashion club, and it can make an impromptu ice-rink by freezing its indoor swimming pool, nothing else is known about it.


  • The alternative title of Kolhotz, Kolkhoz, was a form of collective farming in the Soviet Union that existed along with state farms.
    • This probably means the name "Kolhotz" was derived from "Kolkhoz" since Russia is rather well known for Figure Skating, which happens to be the Martial Arts style of the two most prominent characters from the School, Azusa and Mikado.

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