Just One More Kiss (ワンモア キッス Wan moa kissu?) is the 73rd chapter of the manga and it is also the fourth and final chapter of the Dojo Destroyer Arc.

Shampoo pastes packets of the Instant Spring onto the Dojo Destroyer's vital spots, but Ranma without thinking hits all of them. Shampoo saves one packet, but tells Ranma he must kiss her again in order to get it.

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Ranma hits Nannīchuan packet - One More Kiss

Ranma hits the Dojo Destroyer, but gets surrounded by a cloud of smoke.

Ranma looks at the Dojo Destroyer's forehead and thinks to herself about how once she gets the Instant Nannīchuan Powder she can become a full male again. The Destroyer then launches several Dojo signs at Ranma while Shampoo watches on from his shoulders.

Ranma easily manages to get past the Destroyers attack and manages to land a kick on the powder packet on his forehead. Soun excitedly notes Ranma's achievement in hitting the Destroyer, when suddenly a cloud of smoke appears and seemingly engulfs the Destroyer and Ranma.

Cautious, Ranma backs off and sees through a gap in the smoke that the powder packet has disappeared. Shampoo then explains that she put fireworks in the packets which explode when Ranma hits them. Akane remembers where Shampoo placed the packets and realises that they were all placed on the Destroyer's vital spots. She then shouts out to Ranma that she has to defeat the Destroyer without hitting his vital spots and then asks Ranma what she's going to do. However, Ranma reveals that she already hit all the packets, upsetting her.

As the Destroyer falls to the ground, Shampoo tells Ranma that she shouldn't have helped Akane. As the Destroyer lands, Akane shouts at Shampoo for trying to pin the blame on her. Ranma, meanwhile, jumps towards Shampoo and asks for forgiveness from her, much to the confusion of Akane.

Shampoo takes out another Nannīchuan packet and tells Ranma that this is the last one. Ranma quickly tries to grab it, but Shampoo moves out of the way before she can do so. Shampoo then proceeds to pour hot water over Ranma and tells him that if he wants it then he has to give her one more kiss.

The Destroyer RevivesEdit

Soun and Akane hear this. While Akane is left silent, Soun realises what this means and angrily asks Ranma if this means he's kissed Shampoo already, which Ranma outrightly denies as Shampoo asks him why he's so shy all-of-a-sudden. Soun then goes to Ranma and demands to know what exactly they did on their date. As Ranma panics at what Soun's thinking about what they did on the date, Shampoo says that just remembering makes her heart flutter.

Akane grabs Nannīchuan packet

Akane grabs the Nannīchuan packet after Shampoo kicks it out of Ranma's hand.

Just then the Destroyer starts to stand back up again, which gives Ranma the chance he needed to grab the powder packet from Shampoo while she's distracted. However, Soun tells Ranma he's not finished with him yet, allowing Shampoo to kick the packet out of Ranma's hand and remind him he won't get it until he kisses her. After Shampoo kicks the packet across the room, Akane catches it as it comes towards her.

Ranma runs towards Akane, as Shampoo chases after him. The Destroyer then begins throwing more Dojo signs at the pair, which they avoid (Akane just stands still as the signs hit the wall around her). Ranma then sees a sign about to hit Akane, so kicks her out of the way while he grabs the sign. Akane then suddenly asks Ranma if he kissed Shampoo, to which Ranma replies that he didn't. This causes Akane to ask if Shampoo kissed him instead, but Ranma denies that as well, angering Akane into demanding to know just who he did kiss.

The Lies ContinueEdit

Shampoo-Ranma fantasy - One More Kiss

Shampoo's faux fantasy of Ranma preparing to kiss her.

Shampoo then suddenly comes out with how Ranma told her he loves her. She then says that Ranma swept her up and describes his kisses like rain on parched earth. As Akane stands shocked, Ranma flips over a table in anger while declaring that that isn't what happened. Akane takes Shampoo's words for fact and lowly tells Ranma that it was him who did the kissing. Ranma is slightly angered that Akane thinks he would play with a girl's emotions just to cure his little problem. He then takes the packet from Akane and rips it up as proof of his position, much to the shock of the others.

Ranma then thinks about how Akane thinks this even after he came to her defence. This sets Akane back, who begins to apologise to Ranma and then starts quivering and crying. As Akane does this, Ranma thinks to himself about how much of a dope Akane is as the packet he just ripped up was one of Shampoo's fakes. Akane then falls to her knees and begs Ranma for forgiveness and tells him she'll do anything to make it up to him. Ranma then tells Akane that she seems to have learned her lesson. He then tells Akane that to make it up to him, she has to give him her lunches for a month; do his homework for him and do something about her macho personality and musclebound body of hers. Akane agrees to the terms if it makes Ranma happy. Soun finds this situation interesting, as Kasumi asks Soun if he agrees that these are rather odd things for Ranma to request to make up for losing a cure for his curse.

Destroyer foils Ranma's plan

The Destroyer reveals the Nannīchuan packet in Ranma's hair, foiling Ranma's plan.

Suddenly the Destroyer reappears and pulls out the real Nannīchuan packet out of Ranma's hair while calling him a liar. With he plan unravelled, Ranma in left in a panicked shock while the Tendos remain silent. Ranma then quickly kicks the Destroyer into the air while telling him this is none of his business, as the Destroyer flies off her calls Ranma a liar once again.

Akane then dries her eyes and tries to say something to Ranma, to which Ranma's immediate response is to tell Akane just to say it. Akane then thanks Ranma for helping her. This worries Ranma slightly, who asks Akane if that's all. Akane says that she wanted to thank him before she says... Akane then hits Ranma while screaming "Ranma you liar!!".

Nannīchuan limits revealed - One More Kiss

Ranma and Genma are left devastated when they learn the powder only works once.

That evening, Ranma and Genma try the Nannīchuan Powder and jump into the Koi pond. When they remain male the two are overjoyed and don't want to leave the pond. Akane eventually tells them that they'll catch their death from the cold, but Soun and Kasumi tell her to leave them be since they're happy at least. Meanwhile, at the Cat Café, Shampoo tells her Great-Grandmother about her putting them through hell for something that only works once. This amuses her Great-Grandmother greatly, while Shampoo notes that she had a very fun day.

Back in the Tendo Dojo, a rainstorm has come in and the water has turned Ranma and Genma into their cursed forms, leaving them devastated. As Akane holds an umbrella to shield herself from the rain, she tells the pair that now they're really going to catch a cold. Soun solemnly tells Akane to let them be.

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