Joketsuzoku villagers

Arena in the village

The village of the Chinese Amazons, also known as Nyuchiehzu or Nyucheizu (女傑村), is the home of the Joketsuzoku, and is located somewhere deep within the Byankala Mountains of China. Its precise location is unknown, but it is evidently close enough to Jusenkyo that the Jusenkyo Guide was able to lead Ranma and Genma there and was somewhat aware of its customs.

Very little is known about this location; it is only shown in partial detail, primarily in flashbacks. What little is seen is enough to depict a walled village of a fairly simple style. The most unusual locale is a massive treetrunk that is suspended horizontally from a pair of sturdy support arches, presumably close to the center of the village; this is evidently the official arena for the village's many martial artists, as it is shown that the yearly fighting tournament is conducted atop it.

While the village may seem primitive, they are not totally isolated from modern amenities or the outside world. They have their own printing press, which they use to produce a newspaper that is distributed even to other nearby villages, and they presumably have their own phonelines. It was also receiving a crew of documentary makers that were broadcasting to Japan at the point of the series in which Shampoo is introduced.

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