The Incense for the Coming Summer (夏来香 Natsuki Kaori?) is an "incense" that Nabiki Tendo sold to Ranma Saotome in an attempt to awaken Akane after she had fallen victim to the Incense of Spring Sleep and begun to act upon her vivid dreams. It is actually just an ordinary mosquito coil repackaged in an envelope and Nabiki had no idea if it would actually work, but was able to get Ranma to part with 1,980¥ for it.

When she inhaled the incense, Akane dreamed that it was summer and clapped a mosquito with both hands, but this was actually Ranma, who was holding the coil. Nonetheless it worked and she snapped awake. Hiroshi and Daisuke then observed that the "incense" looked like a mosquito coil, which Nabiki confirmed.

In the OVA Nabiki sells an incense she calls One Smell and You'll Wanna Kiss Magic Incense to Shampoo and Ukyo Kuonji in a similar manner.

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