The Hotel Imozuru is a small hotel with an outdoor onsen. Ranma Saotome, Ryoga Hibiki, and Mousse briefly work and stay here while searching for the Water Pot of Liberation. They were forced to do this because Mousse, who had been entrusted with their funds and the map to Horai Mountain, lost both thanks to his terrible eyesight. Ranma worked as a busgirl and maid, while Ryoga and Mousse did manual labour.

They catch a break however Herb, Lime, and Mint, who are also seeking the Water Pot of Liberation, briefly stop here, with Herb using the bath. After she blasts her two servants for peeping on her, Ranma, who is cleaning the bath, hears the sound and discovers Herb. She tries to trade Herb's clothes for information on where the pot is located, but this triggers a brief fight that ends when Herb blasts Ranma away and quickly leaves. Ranma and her companions quit on the same day to follow them.

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