Heron Island

Heron Island.

Heron Island is a small island which only appears in the manga. It is the main setting for manga chapters Stomperella and The Fairy Tale Ending and is the residency of Yohyo Tsuruyasennen and his butler. The island earns its name because, seen from above, it appears like a somewhat stylized Heron, with two curved sides forming the wings and a narrow central spit that forms the head and neck. At the "head", there resides a once luxurious hot springs resort, but as of the time it appears in the series, the resort is closed and facing ruin; a boulder of some unnatural hard stone has blocked up the central wellspring of its waters, and so the resort can't open. Regardless, Yohyo is able to hold an extravagant ball with food and fireworks to find the girl of his dreams.

Ranma evidently passed by this island at some point after getting his curse, perhaps while swimming back from China. He would later return to it after being washed up ashore and would save the resort from ruin by destroying the boulder blocking up its water.


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