Here Comes Ranma's Mom! (乱馬のママがやってきた! Ranma no Mama ga Yattekita!?) is the sixth episode in the fourth season of Ranma ½, Outta Control, and is the 70th episode overall.

Chaos erupts amongst the would-be brides of Ranma Saotome when it appears that Ranma's long-lost mother has finally found him once more.

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It is late evening in Nerima, and a circus has come to town. One of its members, a clown, is out on the streets offering balloons and advertising the show, when he almost becomes a casuality of a running battle between Ranma and Genma Saotome. Heedlessly they head on through the city, leaping from rooftop to rooftop before returning to the streets near a canal, Ranma skidding to a halt before he plunges headfirst into a mass of biodegradeable refuse and narrowly managing to use a trashcan lid to block Genma's powerful lunging kick. Genma presses the advantage of his superior height and weight against Ranma, gloating over what looks like a certain victory, only for Ranma to knock him back and then bury him beneath a barrage of aluminum cans. Genma pops his head out and angrily asks if Ranma hasn't heard of recycling, only to be crushed under several abandoned electrical appliances, whereupon Ranma gives him a jaunty quip about keeping metal and glass seperate before starting to head off.

However, Genma then pops out and demands he stop, before crying (literally) about how Ranma is finally growing up to become a man and dramatically shaking him to emphasize his point. Ranma shrugs this off and asks if they can go home already, whereupon his father grins menacingly, grabs a trashcan and lunges for Ranma. Ranma immediately spins around, grabbing his own trashcan and shouting he just knew Genma was going to pull a trick like that. Genma tries to distract Ranma by claiming to see a 100 yen piece, while Ranma successfully distracts Genma by claiming to see a 500 yen piece, trapping Genma under his can and dancing atop of it while Genma is looking for the money. As a strange woman watches, Genma hurls the can off and he and Ranma start grappling before rolling into the water and, to her shock, changing into a girl and a panda.

Dinner at the Tendo Dojo that evening is tense. Soun Tendo politely asks Ranma to move out of what is usually Soun's seat, but Ranma refuses. Incredulously, Akane asks if they aren't carrying this on too far, whereupon Ranma declares that he'll call it off when Genma apologizes, which leaves father and son to slam on the table and angrily stare each other down. The sound of somebody at the door sends Kasumi off to investigate, where she discovers the woman who saw Ranma and Genma fighting earlier that evening. She reports back to the family that the stranger is here to see Genma, and Ranma notes it's probably a bill collector. Nabiki notes that wouldn't surprise her, only to fall out of her palm and bang her chin on the table in shock when Kasumi reports it's an attractive older woman. Soun immediately protests that this can't be right, grabbing hold of Kasumi's arms and begging her to explain if the world has gone mad; how could an attractive woman come to the Tendo Dojo and be looking for Genma? Nabiki teasingly asks if Soun is jealous, and he promptly hides himself behind his paper in embarrassment.

Everyone else in the household; Ranma, Soun, Akane, Kasumi, Nabiki, Happosai, P-chan, promptly starts eavesdropping on Genma's conversation, but cannot see the woman, nor can they hear much more than some indistinct mumblings. They can see that Genma is acting very humble and apologetic, but not the context for why, which makes Happosai angrily ask if Genma is a man or a mouse. He then proclaims that mice have their advantages and latches onto Akane's leg, only to be crushed into the floor by the angry teen. At that moment, though, the conversation at the door picks up and they can hear what's being said; the woman asks if Genma is sure he won't let her speak to him, and Genma apologetically insists that it's really not a good idea. The woman insists, catching sight of Ranma over Genma's shoulder and waving to him -- her choosing to refer to him by the name "dear" naturally brings questions from the others, though Ranma insists he has no idea who she is. Growing irritated, Genma finally manages to push her out of the door and drag her away, the household overhearing him telling her that Ranma is in the dark about "this" and it'll be better if Genma breaks it to him in his own way.

Once they have gone, Nabiki declares that Genma is clearly up to no good. Happosai then states that Genma's past has caught up with her. Heading back into the dining room, he claims that the woman that they saw Genma talking to was a woman that Genma met while he and Soun were actively training under Happosai. Named "Sakura" ("Cherry Blossoms"), the woman and Genma fell in love during one of Happosai's more placid trips, and from their union was born none other than Ranma (who is greatly shocked when Akane reasons that Happosai is saying this mystery-woman is Ranma's mother). However, Sakura's parents opposed the match; they were torn apart and forbidden all contact, with Genma forced to take his baby son and return to the road alone. Happosai finishes by declaring that, though their union was reckless and impulsive, he cannot bring himself to blame them.

Soun, rather skeptically, notes that he's never heard any such story from Genma before, while Ranma conversationally adds that he hasn't been told such things either. At that, sounding almost on the verge of tears, Kasumi declares that Genma must have just wanted to prevent the knowledge from upsetting Ranma and so kept it to himself. Looking startled, Ranma starts babbling about how Genma at least got to "sow some wild oats" before becoming a single dad -- understandably, this irritates Akane, who elbows him in the stomach and tells him to be quiet. Nabiki proclaims then that "Sakura" must have finally tracked them down and come to be reunited with her long-lost son, Happosai asking how she could possibly have remarried after such a romance. Tears running down his face, Soun declares that they must do something to help, a sentiment that Happosai agrees with. To her surprise, Akane finds herself shoved aside by her own sisters, her father (who embraces Ranma, still crying) and Happosai, all promising to help Ranma be reunited with his mother and calling him the luckiest boy around.

Ranma is overwhelmed by this turn of events, to say the least.

The next day, after school, Akane heads home, head hung and a mournful air hovering over her. Ranma races along the fence to catch up, then excitedly leaps down and tells her there's a new movie showing in the local theater, asking if she'd like to come and see it. When Akane barely looks at him and just walks on, he offendedly proclaims he won't bother to ask in the future. Akane then declares that while she knows this is overwhelming for him, he really should think about lying low for a while. Ranma's confusion gives way to understanding when first Tatewaki Kuno, then Ryoga Hibiki, and finally Mousse, appear from nowhere to challenge him, each accusing him of plotting to run away and leave the scores between them forever unsettled.

Ranma gets ready to fight them, but in mid-charge, they are crushed under three new visitors: Kodachi Kuno, Ukyo Kuonji, and Shampoo. Ukyo asks if Ranma is really going away to live with his mother, while Shampoo declares that Sakura is going to be "her" mother as well someday and so why did Ranma never talk about her before? Ranma tells them that he's not in the mood for this sort of thing, only to be cut off as Kodachi twines her ribbon about his neck and pulls it tight, proclaiming she will follow him anywhere. Ukyo shouts at Kodachi to stop strangling him, but this quickly devolves into a fight in which all three girls yank on the ribbon, Ranma's pleas for help going unheeded by Akane, who instead huffily asks why he needs her help when he's got "three cute fiancees".

Currently being stepped on by Shampoo, Kuno suddenly asks himself: if Ranma's going to be leaving anyway, why stop him? If he allows Ranma to leave, then that means Akane will have nobody interfering in their "love" any more. The same thought has come to Mousse and Ryoga, leading to them proclaiming that Ranma must be set free and then rearing up in union to make a dramatic speech, incidentally saving Ranma from being throttled. The girls are not pleased by the boys encouraging Ranma to leave, and even less so when Kuno suggests that everyone who wants Ranma to leave should raise their hands and they all make the girls do so as well. This results in all four girls clobbering the three boys, whereupon Ranma walks off with a disdainful remark. The upset trio are about to go in pursuit of him, only for Happosai to call out to them to stop.

To their confusion, the old man declares that choosing a future daughter-in-law is the right of all Japanese mothers, then angrily asks if they're planning on taking that away from Sakura. They ask if they really think that she would choose one of them, and Happosai declares that the likelihood is entirely up to them and how willingly they are to be obedient daughters-in-law. Each of them vows to prove herself a good, dutiful, loving daughter-in-law, and they follow him to the Tendo Dojo. There, after Happosai has dressed himself up as a little old lady, he sets them to work cleaning the entire household. Akane subtly enters herself by doing the laundry, and Happosai takes great pleasure in taunting the girls by abusing the power he's holding over them. When Ukyo stops to take a breather, having finished her cleaning for the moment, Happosai deliberately tips ashes from his pipe all over the floor, then threatens to throw her from the competition when she gets angry. Visibly shuddering, she manages to change tack, her eyes growing wide and sparkly as she sing-songs about how lucky she is to have such a caring "mother-in-law". As all four girls openly work on the living room, Soun, Ranma and Akane's sisters can only stare in disbelief.

Finally, night falls and the other girls go home. As everyone else is away, Ranma and Akane sit on the patio, backs facing each other, while Ranma complains about the time the girls spent there. Akane declares Ranma has more important things to worry about; namely, his mom wants him back and it'd only be natural she wants him to come and live with her. Ranma simply flops onto his back, lifts his legs into the air, then juggles P-chan with his feet before Akane irritably snatches her pet off of Ranma's knee. Tiredly, she points out that Sakura isn't just going to go away, while Ranma, in the same tone, asks what she expects him to do about it. Things quickly turn into an argument when Akane questions why Ranma doesn't seem to want to meet with his mother, with Ranma, choking on emotion and clearly unable to grasp how to say it right, questions if she wants him to leave. Akane gently points out that his mother hasn't seen him for so long, whereupon Ranma gets offended that Akane doesn't pick up on what's bothering and snaps that if that's the way she feels, then fine, calling her an uncute girl for emphasis. Akane angrily points out that he always calls her that when he gets upset, and they exchange harsh words before turning away from each other with an indignant huff.

Several hours later, Akane can't sleep, and heads off to find something to help her sleep. To her surprise, she finds Ranma up and furiously throwing himself into katas. Her observation is disrupted when Soun appears and tells her that all of this is hard on Ranma as well; he's just trying to hide it from everyone.

The next morning, Ranma doesn't wake until breakfast is well under way, and naturally explodes when he finds Genma there. Genma refuses to say a word to his son - in fact, other than a thank you when he finishes eating, he says nothing, even when Akane asks if it looks like Genma's putting on weight and Nabiki snarks about Genma binging in secret. As Genma shuffles away, the rest of the household watching him go, Soun conversationally asks how his girls would feel about inviting Sakura to come and live in the house with them. Nabiki teases both her father and her sister about how such a "bright idea" would mean Ranma & Akane wouldn't have to be seperated, Akane blushing and protesting it's not her decision to make. Soun declares that the next step then is a man-to-man talk, with Ranma sarcastically proclaiming he has to see this.

With Happosai, they head up to the Saotomes' room, where Ranma immediately starts to demand an explanation from Genma, only to be cut off by Soun. The patriarch of the Tendo family insists Ranma think before he speak, pointing out the events of these last few days have been tough on Genma too, and finally declares that he will do the talking. He asks Genma if he must really go away with Sakura and if he intends to join her in the family business, each time receiving several nods and some mumbling, then declares that they will just have to accept this fact. Ranma starts to shout at Soun over this display of weak will, only for Genma to then fall backwards, revealing he was sleeping through the whole discussion. Ranma scornfully proclaims that to be just like his father, then, as Soun is ranting about how it always seems to be that he ends up regretting it whenever he sticks his neck out for Genma's sake, Ranma notices something sticking out of Genma's gi. It's a piece of bamboo, but no version Ranma recognizes; Happosai proclaims it's a Chinese import, when Genma suddenly bolts up and, still sleeping, runs off mumbling about attending a "very important date". Happosai follows him, for reasons of his own.

At school that morning, Akane broaches the subject of what happened in Ranma and Genma's room with Ranma, prompting another near-argument because Ranma continues to insist that even if Genma leaves, he won't. It's interrupted when Ranma's other fiancees suddenly come barrelling up with carts loaded with worldly possessions, each insisting that they will be happy to move to his mother's with him. Ranma complains about how he now has multiple girls yelling at him, but they ignore him to decide amongst themselves that it's time to settle who will go with Ranma to live with his mother once and for all. Even as Ranma begs them to settle it amongst themselves, they draw weapons, start circling around him, and then attack - not each other, as one would expect, but him!

After being chased across the schoolgrounds several times, Ranma finally manages to escape them, only to cross paths with his father, irritably confronting him. Akane, having followed Ranma out of curiosity, listens as they talk. Ranma insists that this "Sakura" has nothing to do with him, but Genma tells him it's because of him that she came to the Tendo dojo -- indeed, he proclaims that getting Ranma is all she considers Genma good for, to Ranma's shock. Tearfully, he insists he tried to keep Ranma out of this, but he has to ask him to come and speak with her; if he doesn't like it, then nothing will come of it. Ranma agrees to do so, to Genma's obvious relief, and Ranma softly and lovingly proclaims that he is Genma's son.

Unaware of Akane following along behind them, the two Saotomes head away from Furinkan to where the circus "Le Cirque Grande" has been pitched. There, Ranma finally meets Sakura face to face... only to discover, to his fury, that Happosai lied. This woman isn't "Sakura", and she's certainly not Ranma's mother; she's the ringmaster of the circus, and she thinks Ranma and Genma's shapechanging powers would be wonderous acts to add to the line up. Genma was trying to just offer himself, but between the fact that cute guys who become cute girls are much more of a draw, and Genma's own ineptitude at mastering the arts of balancing atop balls as a panda, coupled with the offer of a lifetime supply of the imported Chinese bamboo Genma has developed a liking for... Genma just couldn't resist trying to persuade Ranma to accept her offer. Having just ended up transforming as a result of Genma's clumsiness, Ranma is livid -- Happosai appearing from nowhere to grope her butt just makes her madder, and she starts chasing both of them around the main tent, screaming her intent for vengeance.

Outside, Akane steps away from the curtain door and sighs in exasperation. When she realises Happosai has escaped, she demands to know what he was thinking causing all of this, and then punches him into the sky, even as Ranma chases Genma onto the top of the tent and continues chasing him around in circles, vowing that Genma will think balancing on balls is heaven on earth compared to what Ranma is going to put him through.

Cast in Order of Appearance Edit

Character Name Japanese Voice English Voice
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi Richard Cox
Genma Saotome (human) Kenichi Ogata Robert O. Smith
Ranma Saotome (female) Megumi Hayashibara Venus Terzo
Sakura Kazuko Sugiyama
Akane Tendo Noriko Nagai Myriam Sirois
Nabiki Tendo Minami Takayama Angela Costain
Soun Tendo Ryūsuke Ōbayashi David Kaye
Kasumi Tendo Kikuko Inoue Willow Johnson
Happosai Ichirō Nagai Paul Dobson
Tatewaki Kuno Hirotaka Suzuoki Ted Cole
Ryoga Hibiki (human) Kōichi Yamadera Michael Donovan
Mousse (human) Toshihiko Seki Brad Swaile
Ukyo Kuonji Hiromi Tsuru Kelly Sheridan
Shampoo (human) Rei Sakuma Cathy Weseluck
Kodachi Kuno Saeko Shimazu Teryl Rothery

Quotes Edit


  • In the previous episode's "next episode preview", the dub gives this episode the title of "Ranma's Momma Cometh!".
  • For once, Genma isn't actively perpetrating a falsehood, but has instead been caught up in one that somebody else (namely Happosai) started.
  • Though the "ocular gushers" (exaggerated sprays of tears, usually used for comedic effect) are most commonly associated with Soun Tendo, this episode has Genma use them during his opening duel with Ranma.
  • The reason the Tendo household mistakes "Sakura" for Ranma's mother is because of the very familiar terminology she uses for him. This implies she may actually be from outside of Japan, as calling somebody "dear" ("sweetie" in the sub) as a casual endearment is almost unheard of.
  • According to this episode, Shampoo is evidently quite at peace with the idea of living in Japan with Ranma permanently, should they wed.
  • In the dubbed version, Kuno, Mousse and Ryoga speak a portmanteau of the famous quotes "all for one and one for all", and "give liberty or give death" in regards to Ranma's situation.
  • Nabiki seems genuinely happy for Ranma after her family promises to help him be reunited with his mother.
  • Ranma is actually shown practicing in a gi, despite the fact that he normally trains in his usual outfit or by stripping down to his undershirt.
  • Despite normally using chui, Shampoo is here seen wielding a kind of quarterstaff with a padded head.

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