After his grandfather begins "soul travelling" the grandson of Harumaki (春巻 の 孫 Harumaki no mayo?) begins searching for someone who bares a resemblance to his grandmother during her youth, in the hope they can help return his grandfather's spirit back to his body.


Haurmaki's grandson has medium-to-long length light colour hair (changed to brown in the anime) which includes a substantial fringe which reaches to just above his eyes. His outfit consists of a dark shirt and trousers with a black cape over it.


Following the start of his grandfather's soul travelling, Harumaki's grandson began searching for the person who's dreaming of Harumaki. After a few days searching he finds Ranma who confirms that she's been having recurring dreams involving his grandfather. Harumaki's grandson then takes Ranma and Akane to see his grandfather where he explains about Harumaki's soul travelling before begging Ranma to help.

Once Ranma agrees, Harumaki's grandson follows his grandfather's spirit and Ranma along with Akane. Eventually the group figure out that Harumaki wished to see the late cherry blossoms with his first love, Gyoko, but never had the chance to. The four of them then head to where the trees used to be, only to find they've all been destroyed to make way for a construction site. This, however, doesn't stop Harumaki's spirit from passing on and his soul returns to his body, much to the delight of Harumaki's grandson.

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